WWE News: Seth Rollins takes a jab at Brock Lesnar

Seth Rollins is seemingly on a mission to slowly plant the seeds for a WrestleMania 35 main event. The rumors about him potentially facing Brock Lesnar for Universal Championship appears to be true, at least after his latest statement.

In a recent interview for Rock 105.3, Rollins was asked about Lesnar being the top champion despite his lucrative schedule. The Intercontinental Champion didn’t hold back in expressing his frustrations with The Beast Incarnate. He said he’s personally insulted for the rest of the Superstars who put their bodies on the line on a weekly basis for the WWE Universe.

“Brock Lesnar is our Universal champion and he hasn’t been on a Monday night Raw television show in sometime. From my perspective as a person who is on every show, every week, I’m out on the live events trying to bring people into see these shows. It’s slightly insulting to me that he doesn’t…..he’s our champion, he’s the face of our show and he’s not at our live events.”

And with RAW recording back-to-back low ratings, an appearance from the Universal Champion could help bring up the ratings. Although if we look at how the storylines are going, there’s probably no space for Lesnar in an already stacked RAW. Unless they want to make Rollins vs. Lesnar official for next year’s big event, The Beast will probably continue enjoying his schedule as a non-working champion.

(Photo credit: WWE.com)