WWE News: Multiple WWE Superstars down with illness ahead of WWE TLC?

WWE is the largest promotion in the world and as such, they have an enormous roster of superstars. They travel together all over the world week after week as they put on shows to entertain their global fanbase. Unfortunately, sometimes this means that over the weeks an illness can creep into the locker room. This appears to be the case at the moment, with rumors going around of possible illness plaguing the WWE locker room ahead of WWE TLC.

Finn Balor had to come back from WWE’s tour this weekend and was also not seen on Raw. Now, it appears that Balor’s issue was more than a simple injury. According to reports by Post Wrestling, it appears that Balor is plagued by some form of illness. The illness apparently requires “requires clearance for physical contact”, which could mean it is contagious.

What’s more, Balor may not be the only star in the locker room currently sick. Mike Johnson of PW Insider Elite, said that he knows one more star on the roster is ill. This coming on the back of Alexa Bliss posting an Instagram Story saying she is ill. Mandy Rose also told her fans she was ill on Snapchat.

Finn Balor is expected to compete at WWE TLC against Drew McIntyre.

Meanwhile, it is assumed that Rose’s illness is the reason her SmackDown Live match with Naomi was cancelled.