5 Best WWE video games of all time

When pro wrestling and video games come together properly and are done right, they’re some of the most entertaining games around, especially to play with friends. From the first pro wrestling games on the arcades and the NES to the latest edition of WWE 2K19, we’ve had a number of classics over the years. In this article, we take a look at the 5 best WWE video games ever made.

WWE 2K19

Although I haven’t been the biggest fan of 2K’s WWE games, WWE 2K19 really is a step up. The visuals and the performance are upgraded and the Daniel Bryan showcase is downright awesome. Even though some of the Superstar models are still comical, most of them are accurate representations of the real-life counterparts.

With more work next year, 2K may really be onto something special here.

WWE RAW vs SmackDown 2007

This early entry into the RAW vs SmackDown series is still one of the best WWE video games ever made. The game changed up what we expected in WWE games until that time, with a mandatory stamina bar added to give it a less arcade-like approach.

The roster was massive and features ECW stars for the first time and we the fight could be taken from the ring straight to the back years before 2K decided that they finally needed to add that feature to their games. Lastly, the game featured a number of story modes as well as the beloved GM mode.

WWE 13

WWE 13 was THQ’s last WWE game before 2K games took over the property was arguably the best pro wrestling game THQ had made in years. It followed the disappointing WWE 12 and was better in almost every respect. What really took the game to a whole new level was the Attitude Era story mode that had more than 60 matches players could play through.

WWF No Mercy

WWF No Mercy is a classic. Although it doesn’t hold up as well today because of comparatively clunky controls, it revolutionized what he can expect from wrestling games. WWF No Mercy came out way back in 2000 for the Nintendo 64 and featured a massive roster for the day as well as a story mode that had players playing as The Rock, Triple H, Undertaker or Mankind.

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WWF SmackDown: Here Comes The Pain

Here it comes, the best WWE game ever made. I still bring out my Playstation 2 sometimes to play this gem with friends.

Here Comes The Pain has everything, from a huge roster to every match type you can imagine (except for the matches that hadn’t been invented when the game came out) including the brand new Elimination Chamber. The game also featured a number of playable story modes as well as a revamped grappling system and the ability to fight anywhere in the arena.