WWE Rumors: Bray Wyatt to return at WWE TLC in new role?

WWE TLC is around the corner. As WWE heads down the road to the Royal Rumble, and subsequently WrestleMania, TLC is the first big stop for the company. With the pay-per-view usually filled to the brim with exciting matchups, this year’s pay-per-view might also have an exciting return.

Bray Wyatt has been away from WWE television ever since Matt Hardy had to take time away for his injuries. He returned for Starrcade but disappeared off the grid once again. Now, before TLC, there are rumours suggesting that Wyatt will return, but in a new role.

Thanks to the injuries suffered by Braun Strowman, WWE is in trouble. With Strowman’s return possibly unsure for TLC, they might need a replacement to step in to take on Baron Corbin. Dave Meltzer suggested Bray Wyatt for this role.

Corbin talked on RAW about how Strowman might have to forfeit his match if unable to appear at TLC. It is highly possible that WWE is planning for Corbin to call Strowman out only for that to go unanswered. Instead, Strowman’s former Wyatt Family partner, Bray Wyatt, could be the one to answer the call.

Wyatt returning to form a partnership with Braun Strowman could be one of the things that the WWE Universe now has to look forward to.