WWE Survivor Series: 5 potential replacements for Charlotte Flair

What a whirlwind week for the women of SmackDown Live. After suffering an unfortunate injury on Monday, Becky Lynch was pulled out from competing on Survivor Series. Her replacement was handpicked by the champ herself—Charlotte Flair.

But that leaves the Women’s Team SmackDown Live without a leader. Even if they make Asuka the captain, they’re still one member short. We’re here to suggest who the captain/final member should be. We just hope SmackDown Live GM Paige is reading this list.

The IIconics

Search through the rest of the SmackDown roster and you’ll get the two members of The IIconics, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce. Either one of them could be chosen as the final member of Team SmackDown Live. We tend to forget, but Royce can be a mean striker when she wants to and Kay has that unpredictable mean streak that can catch any member of Team RAW off-guard. Basically, we just want Team RAW to get roasted by these two.

Mandy Rose

Since she was complaining about not being part of Team SmackDown Live, this is Mandy Rose’s chance to join her buddy Sonya Deville on the field. Rose has earned pinfall victories against the likes of Becky Lynch so you can’t take her lightly. She’s all beauty but she’s secretly a strong powerhouse, serving as the main muscle for Paige’s Absolution stable. Having both Rose and Deville on the team could add more unity to the already OP squad.

Michelle McCool

But maybe Paige wants a SmackDown veteran to lead her team to victory. May we suggest Michelle McCool, one of the pioneers of the Women’s Revolution? Aside from being one half of Lay-Cool, she’s also a two-time Divas Champion and a two-time Women’s Champion. And based on her appearance at last month’s Evolution PPV, she can go toe-to-toe with today’s batch of female wrestlers. If she could bring Layla too, that’ll be great!

Sasha Banks

But what if, stay with us now, someone from RAW defected from the brand and joined the other side after not being invited to the party? We could totally see Sasha Banks getting back on Alexa Bliss for not picking her and lead Team Blue to victory. And with Asuka and Sasha Banks on the same team, they can definitely tear the house down, just like they did at Survivor Series 2016. You might think we’re crazy, but stranger things have happened in the past.

Nikki Cross

But by far the most possible candidate we could think of is none other than NXT’s Twisted Sister, Nikki Cross. She already debuted a week ago in a losing effort against Becky Lynch. We might as well make her ascension into the main roster official. She can be Team SmackDown Live’s best kept secret, waiting to be unleashed at Survivor Series. If ever she’s named the final member of Team Blue, just know that we here at FOX Sports Asia called it first.

(Photo credit: WWE.com)