5 Ugliest title belts in wrestling history

Some will argue that title belts are as important in wrestling as the entrances and the pageantry. With WWE now deciding to have most of their belts have the big WWE logo instead of a unique design, we decided to take a look at some of the worst title belts in wrestling.

Today, we take a look at some of the less aesthetically pleasing title belts.

New York Hardcore Championship

This belt was basically a New York license plate stuck on a traditional title strap. On top of that, the plate had to huge cracks in it, for design reasons of course. This belt didn’t last long and only appeared at a couple of house shows.

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Edge’s Rated-R Championship

I’ve never been a fan of championship titles getting personalized after a specific wrestler wins it eg. Edge’s Rated-R title belt. Other personalized belts in this category also include John Cena’s spinning title belt and his spinning US title belt.

As far as the Rated-R belt is concerned, it was basically Cena’s spinner with Edge’s Rated-R logo on it instead. Surprisingly, the main title plate didn’t even have WWE mentioned there.

Taz’s FTW World Championship

To be completely fair to ECW, this was never an official title belt.  When Sabu refused to defend his title against Taz, the latter introduced his own title belt. After sticking an ‘FTW’ sticker on an old title belt that was lying around, the new title was born, well probably.

Apart from the fact that it looks like it belongs in someone’s basement, it doesn’t really look like a belt that wrestlers would fight tooth and nail to win.

Lay-Cool’s split title belts

What better way to devalue a title belt than split it in half and then give it to two different Superstars, each carrying one half? Well, that’s exactly what happened when Michelle McCool and Layla, who were a tag-team at the time, decided to share the title.

From what I can tell, even though we’ve had two people holding the same title before, this was the first time in pro wrestling history that a title was literally divided in half.

Jeff Hardy’s TNA Immortal World Championship

This one looks something straight out of a fever dream. As I said, although I’m not a fan of personalized championship design, this one barely even looks like a title belt. I mean, just look at it.

The belt was first presented to Hardy in 2010 by Hulk Hogan, who has to go down as one of the worst signings in the history of TNA.

This list was of some of my least favourite title belts. Which title belts do you guys hate? Sound off in the comments below!

(Photo Credit: WWE.com)