WWE Evolution Preview: Trish Stratus and Lita vs Alexa Bliss and Mickey James


WWE Evolution is set to be a historic night for WWE. As the first ever all-women special event, we can be sure all the women in the locker room are capable and ready to put on a great show for the WWE Universe.

Evolution will also be the venue to settle the feud between the teams of Trish Stratus and Lita versus Alexa Bliss and Mickey James. Bliss has been giving the locker room bad attitude in recent times. It’s gotten so bad that legends Stratus and Lita had to make an in-ring comeback to the WWE just to give the upshot superstar a lesson in respect. Lucky for Alexa, Mickey James is on her side to keep the odds even. FOX Sports Asia takes a look at what each team has to offer, then we give a quick prediction as to who will come out on top of this match.

The Case for Alexa Bliss and Mickey James

Alexa and Mickie James hit the scene to mock Trish’s promise of “Stratusfaction.”

Bliss and James will have to rely on their relative youth to win this matchup at Evolution. Average age for Alexa Bliss and Mickie James is 33 years old, while Trish Stratus and Lita averages at 42. It’s this difference that will give Bliss and James the agility, spark, energy, and endurance against their senior competition.

Besides the age, Bliss and James also have their relative lack of ring rust going for them. Since they’re regularly part of the WWE roster, they compete inside the squared circle week in and week out. They are training for matches on a daily basis. Moreover, the moves come easy to them. Their bodies are more accustomed to the pains of the WWE. This is a huge advantage against their opponents who have not been in competition for the longest time. On paper, it’s possible that the young guns can just run around in circles to tire out the veterans.

The Case for Trish and Lita 

Trish & LIta think they could use a little "practice" in Philadelphia...

On the other side of the ring are two WWE Legends and Hall of Famers. Trish and Lita have done lots to pave the way for the betterment of the Women’s division. They have the proven experience and accomplishments that shows their mettle. Trish and Lita have seen it all, and there’s nearly nothing Bliss and James can do to throw them off. They may be years ahead in age, but it’s this experience that will give them the advantage in this matchup.

Their long break from in-ring competition may be a challenge for the legends. However, this factor will just be another obstacle for them to overcome. Trish and Lita are athletic and fit enough to confidently step inside the squared circle and finish off Bliss and James.

Quick Prediction: The WWE Legends will come out with the win in this one and teach Alexa Bliss her lesson.


(Photo Credit: WWE.com)