5 times Roman Reigns won WWE fans’ hearts


Roman Reigns is polarising. Whenever he makes an appearance for the WWE, the Universe is split between those who cheer for him and those who boo him. However, when Reigns announced that he’s battling leukaemia, wrestling fans all over stood together to show their support for the Universal Champion.

Showing more love to the Big Dog, Fox Sports Asia lists some of the things that makes you want to get behind Roman Reigns. He may not always be likeable inside the ring. However, there are many things to like about the man outside of the squared circle.

Dancing for Charity

When the Big Dog isn’t busy bringing the pain inside the ring, he can be seen doing charitable work as the face of the WWE. In 2015, Roman Reigns was a participant in “Dancing with the Knoxville Stars”. Reigns competed in this celebrity dance-off where monetary donations were counted as votes. Proceeds from the show were then used for the East Tennessee Children’s Hospital.

Stepping up to DoSomething

WWE’s Be a Star campaign is about helping children fight and survive bullying. In partnership with DoSomething.org, the WWE tapped its Superstars to be the face of the initiative encourage children to stand up to potential abuse. Children can get coaching and encouragement against bullying by text messaging their favorite WWE Superstars. Dean Ambrose, Paige, Natalya, and Roman Reigns were among those chosen for the activity. In total, around 30,000 members participated in this campaign.

Roman Wishes

Former Shield members come together to make wishes come true for children and their families.

Sometimes, children just want to meet and see their heroes in the flesh. Some of those heroes may even be from the WWE. This is why the Make-A-Wish Foundation has been a long partner of the WWE. With this demand, Roman Reigns is no foreigner to making some kids happy by taking time off to spend time with his biggest admirers. True to a hero, Roman never fails to give the children a memorable experience and priceless joy every time he grants wishes.

Loving Father

Aside from a tough competitor, Roman Reigns is a loving and caring father. Reigns was one of the ambassadors for WWE’s “Take time to be a dad” campaign. In the campaign’s promotional videos, he can be seen having fun and playing with his adorable daughter. On top of this, he’s also dedicated numerous matches and victories to his daughter. Reigns may be battling leukemia for the WWE Universe. More importantly, he definitely must also be doing it for his daughter.

The Man Behind the Champ

Reigns showed his true humanity when he announced his continuing battle with leukemia. Instead of coming out as WWE Champion Roman Reigns, the WWE Universe was introduced to Joe Anoa’i. A WWE Superstar letting go of his moniker to face the crowd with his real name takes lots of guts and determination. It’s a brave act that makes him vulnerable, yet totally respectable at the same time. After this announcement, the WWE Universe not only wants Reigns to be healthy, but for Joe Anoa’i to kick out of cancer too.


(Photo credit: WWE.com)