5 WWE Legends Who Can Return at WWE Evolution

WWE Evolution, the first ever all-women special event, is happening this weekend. To hype the event more, the WWE has announced the participation of notable legends on the card. The WWE Universe is going to be treated to in-ring action care of Trish Stratus, Lita, Alundra Blayze, and many more.

Fox Sports Asia takes a look at five more WWE Legends who may make an appearance at WWE Evolution. Other than the names above, these are some more notable women and iconic personalities who can show up for such a momentous occasion.


In addition to holding the Women's Title, Sable was also a two-time Slammy Award winner.

The Attitude Era brings out the loudest pops from the WWE Universe. Steve Austin, The Rock, HHH, and others spearheaded the male side of the locker room. On the Women’s side, no one was more iconic of the era other than Sable. She had the looks, charisma, and unforgiving attitude that’s fitting to late 90’s WWE. Men and boys who grew up during that time would go crazy if she were to make a return to WWE Evolution. Maybe husband Brock Lesnar can make this work for a good pay?


Jacquelin was another mainstay of women’s wrestling during the Attitude Era. Opposite Sable, she brought the toughness and grit to the program. Add this to her superb in-ring skills and it’s no wonder Jacquelin was a multiple Women’s champion. It’s because of these qualities that WWE recognised her as one of the best female Superstars. Based on her recent engagements with the WWE, it’s very likely she’ll make an appearance on Evolution.

Kelly Kelly

Kelly Kelly is instrumental to the WWE’s long transition from having Divas to the Women we now recognise. She got herself to the top of the WWE Divas division because of her athleticism, beauty, and charm. Don’t let the appeal distract you from the fact though that Kelly Kelly is also a solid wrestler. She was able to combine her skills with her attractive appeal to become multiple Diva’s champion.

AJ Lee

The WWE Universe loved former WWE Diva’s Champion AJ Lee. Her quirks, eccentricities, and mannerisms always entertained the audience. She was also no pushover when it’s time to wrestle. Whereas some Divas (for women were still called divas during her time) got popular for their looks, AJ Lee made sure she was recognised for her in-ring capabilities as well. Now the wife of former Superstar CM Punk, the issues surrounding the former champ may make Lee’s appearance of Evolution unlikely. Nonetheless, it would be nice to see AJ Lee inside a WWE ring once again.


“Divas” as a term isn’t looked upon well in this era of the Women’s revolution. However, Eve was the Superstar who defied what the stereotypical “Diva” was. Though she made her WWE debut through the Diva Search as was popular then, she was more than just a pretty picture. She has the beauty and the looks. However, Eve also has the brains and braun to go with them. Her crafty and persevering wrestling style made her the first ever Diva Search winner to become a champion. It would be a great way to honour her career and legacy by making an appearance at Evolution.

(Photo Credit: WWE.com)