5 Unique and creative entrances in WWE


In the WWE, first impression matters. What better way to introduce yourself to the WWE Universe than to have a cool and memorable entrance? A bunch of Superstars have employed this tactic over the years and it helped their careers a lot.

From the aggressive to the bizarre, these entrances did a great job encapsulating the Superstars in just a few minutes. When their music hits, you’ll instantly know what’s about to go down. For your viewing pleasure (and future reference), here are some of the best.

The Funkasaurus Brodus Clay

Who knew a funky dance part would make a good entrance? Brodus Clay certainly did. Debuting on the January 9, 2012 edition of RAW, Clay gave us an unforgettable character that is the Funkasaurus Brodus Clay who badly wanted everyone to call his momma. He was accompanied by his Funkadactyls Cameron and future SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi as they hype up the crowd with their infectious music and flashy moves.

John Morrison

If you think Johnny Nitro’s red carpet entrance he used since 2004 was cool, the slow motion entrance he debuted around 2007 was way cooler. For years, fans wondered how Morrison’s cool entrance was done but we can all agree Morrison is the only wrestler who can pull that off. His creative entrance allowed him to stand out from the rest. Even The Miz became ten times cooler when he enters the ring with Morrison back in the day.

Shinsuke Nakamura

Whenever you hear that violin solo, you know someone’s going to eat a knee in the face. Thank Shinsuke Nakamura for using such an amazing entrance music. Couple it with Nakamura’s oozing charisma and his eccentric dance-like taunts and you’ll get a one-of-a-kind entrance for the ages. While his new entrance nowadays is okay, his previous one was more iconic and suits Nakamura’s personality as a wrestler more perfectly than ever.

Bray Wyatt

But if we’re talking about unique entrances, Bray Wyatt will always be part of that conversation. Possibly the best entrance of the modern era, Wyatt fills the arena with an eerie vibe every time he enters the ring. Guided only by his trusty lantern and the “fireflies” all over the arena, Wyatt calmly walks through the darkness, sometimes with his intimidating family, to strike fear into the hearts of his opponents. He will leave you no choice but to follow the buzzards.

The Undertaker

Pick an entrance from any point of the Undertaker’s career and it will beat all the entrances in this list. Whether it’s the Ministry entrance or his American Badass entrance complete with a motorcycle, The Undertaker is one of the few Superstars ever to command attention and respect whenever he’s around. But fine, let’s stick with the Deadman’s classic entrance. Once the gong hits and the lights go out, you’ll know doom awaits his unlucky opponents.

(Photo from WWE.com)
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