5 WWE moments involving fire and brimstone


Things can get heated in the WWE. Sometimes, things can get explosive real fast. And sometimes, things can get rea heated and explosive in a very literal sense. And for the Superstars on this list, that’s never a good thing.

From brave men defying the odds to psychopaths burning everything just because, these Superstars played with fire and ended up hurting others or themselves. Just beware that these scenes are not meant to be recreated anywhere. Because c’mon, it’s fire for Pete’s sake.

Jim Ross Felt The Heat, Literally

We can’t really talk fire and brimstone in the WWE without mentioning Kane somewhere. On the July 14, 2003 edition of RAW, Jim Ross made the mistake of interviewing the recently unmasked and unhinged Kane in a closed space. Rose somehow rubbed Kane the wrong way as the monster tossed poor old JR on the floor, poured gasoline over his defenseless body, and burned the poor man alive on live TV. It was a dummy, but it was still a horrific scene.

Edge and Mick Foley Heats Up ‘Mania

A lot of things happened at WrestleMania 22, but the one moment that made the show iconic involved Edge and Mick Foley being crazy SOBs. It was Foley’s last harcore match of his WWE career and he wanted it to be special. He tapped Edge to be the one to end his career, and end his career Edge did. At the closing moments of the match, Edge sent Foley to hell by hitting the defenseless Foley with a massive Spear through a flaming table outside the ring.

Vince McMahon Went Out with a Bang

Believe it or not, Vince McMahon once tried to kill his on-screen character. And being the egomaniac that he is, he wanted the most grandiose fake death possible. He got his wish on the June 11, 2007 edition of RAW after his appreciation night. McMahon exited the arena with the entire WWE roster sending him off ominously, got into his limo, and blew up. Yup, the limo suddenly blew up seconds after Vince got in. Now that’s one way to kill someone off.

Edge’s Second Time in Hell

Unfortunately for Edge, he once again had to deal with fire two years later during his feud with the Undertaker. Having established a formidable stable of his own, Edge ruled SmackDown like a king until the Deadman had something to say about it. They took their heated rivalry inside Hell in a Cell at SummerSlam 2008, where Undertaker chokeslammed Edge through the ring and made him explode right there and then. It’s the Deadman’s playground, after all.

Randy Orton’s Wyatt Family Infiltration

On the February 28, 2017 edition of SmackDown Live, Randy Orton did what Daniel Bryan failed to do—destroy the Wyatt Family from within. Orton hit the madman where it truly hurt by burning down the compound where Sister Abigail, Wyatt’s mother figure, was buried. And because he’s the Viper, he did all of this after pretending for months that he’s a loyal subject of the Wyatt Family. This just proves you’ll never truly know when the Viper will strike next.

(Photo from WWE.com)
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