5 Superstars You Didn’t Know Were Former Lackeys

The biggest WWE Superstars of today didn’t just appear out of nowhere. John Cena was once a makeshift android, Bray Wyatt was a former Nexus member, and Kane was once a Christmas tree. Yeah, that actually happened.

It’s normal for WWE Superstars to act as lackeys to other bigger Superstars, and the ones on this list made it big themselves, possibly surpassing the Superstars they were serving. Join us as FOX Sports Philippines travel down memory lane once again.  

Nick Nemeth, The Golf Caddy

We all know that Dolph Ziggler was once a loud cheerleader as part of Spirits Squad, but did you know that wasn’t Ziggler’s first time in WWE? He was first introduced as Nick Nemeth, the caddy for Kerwin White, an alternate version of Chavo Guerrero. The young Ziggler tagged with White for a while, facing the likes of Shelton Benjamin and Matt Striker. After Eddie Guerrero’s death in 2005, Kerwin White and Nick Nemeth understandably ceased to exist.

Brett Major, The Edgehead

Before he became the Internet Champion and the most lovable bro in WWE, Zack Ryder was also a lackey for the legendary Edge in 2007 as part of the sinister La Familia stable. Ryder was first known as Brett Major, a long-haired blonde who was dedicated to look like a smaller Edge along with Bryan Major, the future Curt Hawkins. They were known as the Edgeheads and they even won the WWE Tag Team Championships at one point. Not bad for a lackey.

Deacon Batista, The Collector

Batista is one of the most powerful Superstars the WWE Universe has ever seen. But did you know that in 2002, he was a clergyman? Yup, he was known as Beacon Batista, the tithe-collecting and ass-kicking main muscle of Brother D-Von. The duo made SmackDown their own church, punishing the non-believers to their cause. Early on, Batista’s charisma was already undeniable that he was immediately picked up by Evolution a year later.

Naomi, The Funkadactyl

The WW Universe can definitely feel the glow nowadays from Naomi, but a few years ago, Naomi was a lackey for the ultra funky Brodus Clay. Every time the big man’s music hits, Naomi and her partner Cameron would hit the ring and energize the crowd with their fire dance moves. Even when she’s not actively competing, Naomi showcased her athleticism through her cool dance moves and during those moments she had to step in to help Clay out.

The Entire Rosebud Crew

We saved the best for last as a handful of today’s biggest stars served as lackeys for the eccentric party god Adam Rose back in 2014. As part of the Rosebuds, their job was simple—to dance around and party with Rose before every match. Some of the more successful Rosebuds include Becky Lynch, Elias, and Braun Strowman. Yeah, that giant who can flip over ambulances and trucks was once a goofy party dude. Think about that for a minute.

Photo from WWE.com

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