5 Devastating Finishers

Finishers are a thing of beauty. They are the exclamation point of a match. When a Superstar hits his, there’s little chance his opponents kicks out of the cover. It’s as good as a fatality if the WWE were a video game. Viewers won’t help but wince at the best ones, those that hurt as much as it looks.

Fox Sports Philippines takes a look at the most devastating finishers among the Raw Superstars and why each is so awesome as the conclusion of a match.

Pop-Up Powerbomb – Kevin Owens

 The powerbomb is another move in a Superstar’s arsenal. In Kevin Owens’ hands this becomes a match ender. What’s unique about his version is he rebounds his opponents off the ropes which makes them easier for him to lift. This results in more force for Owens to drive them to the mat that crushes the victim’s body. Be wary when KO hits the move on the apron, and it’s likely his opponent will find himself in the IR list (just ask his former best friend, former nemesis, and then current best friend Sami Zayn).

 The Blackout – Seth Rollins

 The head is one of the most important parts of a Superstar’s body. A solid hit to the crown will definitely result in a knockout. The Architect Seth Rollins targets this well with his signature move, The Blackout. It’s just a solid stomp to the opponent’s nape bringing his head crushing to the mat. A fairly simple move with minimal athletic requirements, it’s won him championships and high-profile matches.

Claymore Kick – Drew McIntyre

 There really is something about the head that makes it a good finisher target. Similar to The Blackout, the Claymore kick constitutes Drew McIntyre charging and doing a diving slide, feet first to his opponent’s head. The force he puts behind this results in a solid impact knocking the poor victim out.

 Zig Zag – Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler’s haters may say that the Zig Zag is nothing more than an unnecessarily fancy DDT. They’d also say the aesthetics of the move is just for flair. Jake the Snake Roberts finished off opponents with the vanilla version, so why can’t Dolph? What people are missing here is the momentum he puts in the move because of the “flair” he puts in it. True, he can just DDT his opponent. However, putting some airtime before driving in the DDT increases the damage done.

End of Days – Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin’s finisher, the End of Days, simultaneously plays on multiple parts of the opponent’s body. First, he faceplants his target to the mat. The torso then slams the ground shocking his rival’s body. Both are topped off by the swinging motion that messes with the balance and internal organs of his victim. Put everything together, and the Constable has a move that effectively incapacitates.


(Photo and Video Credit: WWE.com and WWE Youtube Page)

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