WWE: Jeff Hardy reveals he’s been working with injuries

Jeff Hardy is hurting.

He best described his situation in a recent interview. “I’m 40 now and I’ve been pretty banged up lately,” he said as he revealed the nagging injuries he’s been having for months now.

“I’m a little beat up, but my back is a lot better than it was a few weeks ago. I’ve been having this issue with my elbow, like a nerve issue, and my hand was asleep for probably seven weeks and it’s finally woken,” Hardy said about using limiting the use of his finisher Swanton Bomb in general. He also said his current schedule didn’t help his cause. “Four nights a week is a lot of matches — I mean they add up,” Hardy said.

He said using his patented neckbreaker finisher Twist of Fate instead in closing matches helped his lower back to recover.

“I pretty much now save the Swanton for television unless I’m feeling really good at a live event,” Hardy said. But considering his age, Hardy still feels positive about wrestling fast-paced matches on a weekly basis. “I feel pretty good to be wrestling the way I am today in 2018.”

Hardy also shared the most painful bump he took in his entire career and it involved fellow wrestling daredevil Rob Van Dam.

“I forget what year it was, but I had this idea I wanted to go through a table vertically, like long ways and I think it was a 14-foot ladder. I did a swan dive off [the ladder] and he moved and I crashed and burned and the table exploded,” Hardy recalled. He was convinced it was the end of his career.

“I thought I had broken my lower spine. It hurt so bad and it knocked the wind out of me,” Hardy said. Obviously, it wasn’t the end of Hardy as we know it as he’s still going strong to this day.

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