Charlotte Flair def. Carmella and Becky Lynch to win the SmackDown Women’s Championship

BROOKLYN — Charlotte Flair won her record-tying seventh Women’s Championship at SummerSlam, defeating Carmella and Becky Lynch in a Triple Threat Match for the SmackDown Women’s Title. Charlotte’s victory was overshadowed by the Irish Lass Kicking that followed it, however. 

Tensions between best friends Charlotte and Becky were apparent from the get-go, as Carmella strategically incited her challengers to duke it out with each other while she picked her spots. Carmella got the jump on both The Irish Lass Kicker and The Queen, constantly keeping one equalized on the outside while she punished the other in the ring.

Charlotte and Becky finally made it into the ring at the same time, and a true Triple Threat Match emerged. Bodies were flying as Carmella took out Becky with a suicide dive through the bottom rope, which was followed by Charlotte nailing both Superstars with a GIF-worthy Corkscrew Moonsault.

After a series of near-falls and close calls, the match’s pivotal moment came when Lynch had Princess Mella locked in the Dis-arm-her, but Flair dashed in from the outside and blasted her best friend with Natural Selection for the win.

Becky had again come up short in a championship match, and she was visibly upset. Then, after sharing a hug with Charlotte in the center of the ring, she snapped. Lynch slapped her supposed friend right across the face and continued to unleash her frightening rage. Becky came close to seriously injuring Charlotte by recklessly tossing her over the announcer’s table, then walked away, leaving carnage behind her.