“The Demon” Finn Balor def. “Constable” Baron Corbin

BROOKLYN — Baron Corbin continued to poke fun at Finn Bálor’s height before their rubber match at SummerSlam, assuming he could overpower his rival for a second time. However, The Constable was not prepared for the otherworldly rage of The Demon, who made short work of Corbin at The Biggest Event of The Summer.

A dark cloud loomed over Barclays Center, heralding the arrival of Bálor’s alter ego. Corbin attempted to beg out of the battle, saying that he had not agreed to face The Demon. Bálor was not going to hear any of that, as he launched Corbin into the corner with a dropkick, following up with a Sling Blade and a daredevil dive onto Corbin on the arena floor.

The Demon’s dominance continued as he pummeled Corbin around the ringside area before tossing him back into the ring, eventually crushing The Constable with a devastating Coup de Grace to earn the victory.

Constable Corbin chose to target Finn Bálor because of his size, but he learned a hard lesson in why that was not the wisest decision. After all, you never know what demons are lurking within.