WWE offbeat news of the week – 08/19/18

It’s impossible to have a mundane week in the world of WWE. That’s why we made it our job to compile the craziest, most off-the-wall WWE news we could find on a weekly basis.

And honestly, it’s not even that hard. For your reading pleasure, we compiled what your favorite WWE personalities are up to, starting now!

The Million Dollar Man’s change of heart

Remember The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase? Probably not, but for hardcore wrestling fans, he’s the OG villain who throws money on people’s faces like it’s nothing. If you’re wondering what good ol’ Ted has been up to since he hung up his boots, he’s now… an ordained minister?! Yes, we’re reporting this fact with a straight face. Dibiase preached in a church in Kentucky last Sunday and people who attended his mass showed some love for the former villain turned good guy on Twitter. Talk about a change of heart!

Dana White reacts on Roman Reigns’ promo

Roman Reigns had a lot to say about Brock Lesnar before he got pepper sprayed on this week’s episode of RAW, and even name-dropped the controversial UFC president Dana White. “At SummerSlam, I’m taking my Universal Championship and I’m going to send Brock so far back into the UFC, he’s going to find his head stuck in Dana White’s ass,” Reigns proclaimed in the middle of the ring. Being the snarky guy that he is, White promptly responded to the statement with a simple yet hilarious reply of his own.

Vince McMahon’s note for Renee Young

You know who else had an interesting RAW this week? It’s none other than Renee Young, the first female commentator to ever call an entire episode. Replacing Jonathan Coachman who had a prior engagement, Young killed it on commentary and everyone showered her with praise. After this momentous milestone, Young revealed the advice Vince McMahon fed to her earpiece. “He told me to slow down on a couple spots but that was it,” Young said. It must be cool getting commentary pointers from a legendary commentator himself.

Ronda Rousey vs. A Random Bat

Bliss better take note of this interesting news. The baddest woman on the planet got herself spooked… by a bat. You probably didn’t spot this moment while watching the show, but during Ember Moon’s match against Alexa Bliss, Rousey, who was at ringside supporting Moon, met the creature of the night in its full glory as it flew beside her. Kudos to Rousey for keeping her cool despite the small shock she probably felt when she saw a freaking bat flying around the ring like it’s his cave or something.

Peyton Royce responds to body shhaming

Dave Meltzer may be a renowned wrestling journalist, but that doesn’t mean he’s excused from body shaming the women of WWE. Peyton Royce certainly took offense to a remaurk Meltzer made about her being “a lot lighter” back when she was in NXT. Royce obviously fought back on Twitter as the rest of the WWE Universe showed their support for the other half of IIconics. Meltzer had no choice but to apologize to Royce and all the women he might offended. Hopefully, Meltzer already learned his lesson about the negative effects of body shaming.

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