Unfinished Business: Miz vs Bryan should close Summerslam 2018


Many will say that the Universal Championship match should conclude Summerslam.

I, personally, beg to differ. We have seen Roman Reigns main event almost every single pay-per-view for the last 2 years. We get it, Vince. He’s your guy. But the fact that you have to edit out boos and jeers for every episode of any WWE Program he is on is a sign that something is not working.

A character change can do someone good. It even worked for The Rock.  Sometimes all you need is a flip of the switch. Speaking of character changes, let’s talk about The Miz.

Often one of the “just there” superstars, Miz was your average WWE guy. He was always, as stated earlier, just there. One segment on Talking Smack would change all of that.

Miz and then GM Daniel Bryan would talk about Miz’s cowardice.

This promo changed the way I saw The Miz. From a ‘just there’ guy to a must see wrestler. He may not be the best in the ring, but very few can stand toe-to-toe with Mike Mizanin.

Which leads to the other member of this promo; Daniel Bryan.

Once the biggest superstar in the company, nagging injuries would force Daniel Bryan to retire in 2016. I, for one, preferred that he stay retired but his passion for wrestling was too difficult to hold down. Bryan would cause a stir in the wrestling world with his segment on Talking Smack. The Miz was not booked for the night despite being the Intercontinental Champion — holder of one of the company’s most prestigious titles. Some might even say that it is the most prestigious title in the company. Miz would unleash all of his frustration behind the scenes and on screen with this one promo.

The Talking Smack segment was one of the critical moments that has become entwined in Bryan and Miz’s story.

Many thought that Bryan would beat Miz right then and there because of the content of his speech. All Bryan could do was walk away. What came years later would change everything.

No one expected Daniel Bryan to ever come back. However, we got good news earlier in March 2018. Daniel Bryan announced that he was cleared to return and there were rumors that WWE only cleared him because he may go to New Japan or Ring of Honor. That’s a completely different story for the future. The moment Daniel Bryan was allowed to return, there was only one person that came to mind for Bryan’s first rivalry, The Miz.

At this point, Miz was on Raw due to the previous Superstar Shakeup. As a personal request to GM Paige, Daniel Bryan got his wish to finish the rivalry with Miz. Mike Mizanin no longer had the backup of Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas. He was on his own. After taking care of reality show and personal commitments, Miz and Bryan renewed their rivalry on WWE TV.

What makes their rivalry so interesting isn’t just the Talking Smack promo. Many tend to forget that The Miz was Daniel Bryan’s mentor on the original NXT.  Even then, Miz was already berating Bryan for not having the IT Factor to being a WWE Superstar. Bryan’s never-say-die attitude got the crowd’s attention and it’s been one of his biggest positives ever since. Daniel Bryan will always be the underdog and that’s what makes his career trajectory so appealing. He’s just like one of us. He’s not as gigantic as someone like Cena or The Rock. He’s probably smaller than a lot of us. That made his path to glory so good. Daniel Bryan was just like us.

And when he needed a final boss, it wasn’t Triple H or The Authority. No! No! No!

Daniel Bryan’s Final Boss will always be The Miz. Ever since 2010, their careers have been strung together. From the NXT Years to the United States Championship up to the Talking Smack interview until today.

Daniel Bryan wants to prove to The Miz that he is worthy of being a top guy in WWE. Miz vs Bryan is the match that will show us if Bryan is truly worthy of being one of the company’s top guys.

That is why Daniel Bryan and The Miz should close out Summerslam. What do you think? Share your comments below!

(Photo from WWE.com)

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