5 unforgettable RAW main events

As the flagship show of WWE, RAW always makes sure each episode is as explosive as the next. And nothing makes a show more exciting to watch than booking a massive main event. Let’s just say RAW knows a thing or two about main events.

FOX Sports Philippines compiled the very best main events RAW ever had. We know there are more moments we could’ve picked, but we’ll save that for a follow-up list. For now, enjoy these explosive moments that sent the crowd happy or at least devastated.

The Classic 50-Minute Match

John Cena already debunked the misconception that he can’t wrestle when he went one-on-one with Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 23. Their rematch on the April 23, 2007 edition of RAW was even more sensational. For over 50 minutes, Cena and Michaels squared off in one of the best matches in RAW history that saw both men pull out all the stops. It’s a shame it wasn’t for the WWE Championship because we could’ve seen HBK win the title for the last time. It also helped that the match took place in UK, one of the most passionate crowds out there.

Women’s Revolution Solidified

It’s rare for the women’s division to get a main event spot on RAW, but that completely changed on November 28, 2016 when a RAW Women’s Championship match headlined an episode of RAW. Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks were seemingly locked in a tug-of-war rivalry for the title and things escalated quickly when Charlotte disowned Ric Flair on live TV. Seeking revenge for a wronged father, Banks dedicated the match to The Nature Boy as she overcame Charlotte in this significant Falls Count Anywhere main event.

CM Punk Drops the Pipebomb

CM Punk redefined controversy on the June 27, 2011 edition of RAW when he sat down after the main event and aired all his grievances against the WWE. He didn’t hold back as he threw insults to John Cena, The Rock, and the McMahons themselves. Even the crowd received Punk’s wrath in what is now considered a star-making moment for the former WWE champion. Today, most fans have credited this moment as the reason to love wrestling all over again. That’s how iconic this moment was. If only Punk could return to the WWE, even for just one night…

The Nexus Makes Their Arrival

Speaking of making stars, Punk was also present when a certain group of hooligans made their debut. On the June 7, 2010 edition of RAW, John Cena and a masked CM Punk squared off in the main event before they were interrupted by the former NXT contestants. Led by Wade Barrett, the group wasted no time beating up anyone that breathes and destroying the actual ring. It also featured the iconic image of Daniel Bryan choking ring announcer Justin Roberts with his necktie. Now that’s how you make an entrance.

Triple H Tears His Quad Hard

No matter how tough you are, you’ll never be as tough as Triple H on the May 21, 2001 edition of RAW. Engaged in probably the biggest tag team match in history, Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin defended their tag titles against Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit. With a main event this massive, it’ll be impossible to end the night without someone getting hurt. That’s exactly what happened as The Game ripped his quad mid-match. If you’re able to finish a grueling match with only one working leg, only then can you consider yourself one tough SOB.

(Photo from WWE.com)

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