5 Non-Wrestling Contests That Happened on RAW


WWE is all about wrestling, right? This list of competitions will beg to differ. These contests happened in the middle of a wrestling ring, but trust us when we say there was barely any fighting in these encounters. This industry can be weird sometimes.

These contests may lack the usual wrestling action, but they somehow made it to our airwaves. From Superstars blowing off some steam to rivals diffusing the tension, these are the rare occasions RAW threw out the rulebook and played a different game entirely.

A Very Manly Posedown Challenge

Triple H and Scott Steiner engaged in a rather physical, nay, manly feud back in late 2002. Steiner is obviously gunning for the Hunter’s World Heavyweight Championship, but he decided to attack the champion where it hurts—his manhood. For weeks, Steiner proved his the manlier man compared to Triple H in various contests, but the weirdest contest they had was the now infamous posedown challenge on the January 6, 2003 edition of RAW. It was probably the manliest competition the WWE has ever hosted, and of course that wasn’t sarcastic. *wink*

An Intense Military Obstacle Course

Sami Zayn wanted to embarrass Bobby Lashley at every possible turn. After his plan to “expose” Lashley’s sisters failed, Zayn focused his efforts in attacking Lashley’s military background. On the June 11, 2018 edition of RAW, Zayn challenged Lashley in a military obstacle race on live TV. Let’s just say Zayn should’ve thought things through before challenging a former MMA competitor and a former ECW World Champion to a highly physical obstacle race. As you can guess, Zayn’s master plan failed once again.  

The Rock Hosts a Pie Eating Contest

According to The Rock, he’s good at doing four things — beating jabronis, blazing his trails, raising his eyebrows, and eating pie. His resume landed him a hosting job for a literal pie eating contest for the Divas Search hopefuls. On the August 23, 2004 edition of RAW, The Rock made his return to administer the challenge to the five finalists, which featured Christy Hemme and Maria Kanellis. Even Tajiri helped out to bring in the pies. Needless to say, it was a shameful day for women’s wrestling. We’re just glad the Divas Era is long dead.  

A Wacky Game of Musical Chairs

Childish games don’t belong in the ring, right? Some members of the RAW roster beg to differ. Stacy Kiebler, Tyson Tomko, Trish, Jonathan Coachman, Jerry Lawler, Tajiri, Chris Jericho, and Ric Flair of all people decided to open the July 4, 2004 edition of RAW with a light-hearted game of musical chairs. Orchestrated by the lovable Eugene, this musical chairs game was probably the most unusual way to earn an Intercontinental Championship title shot. Just ask Jericho, who ended up winning the entire thing after eliminating Flair and Tomko.  

Superstars Love to Arm Wrestle

And how can we forget WWE’s favorite non-wrestling game? Arm wrestling is such a big hit on both RAW and SmackDown back in the day. Triple H and Scott Steiner did one during their feud. Bayley and Dana Brooke also played one recently. But if this match ever had a title, Mark Henry would easily be the inaugural champion. He has faced the likes of Sheamus, Kane, Cesaro, and even The Great Khali that one time. And more often than not, he obliterated his opponent’s arm. Leave it to the Hall of Pain inductor to own the strongest arms in the biz.

Photo from WWE.com
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