5 Bitter Tag Team Break-Ups on RAW


Tag teams are fun and all, but wrestling fans know that the fun times won’t last that long. It’s like every tag team in WWE was cursed to break up by a vengeful spirit or something. More often than not, it ends with someone’s face planted on the ground.

Whatever the reason, these tag teams decided to end their respective partnerships with animosity, resulting to these bitter break-ups that happened live on RAW. FOX Sports Philippines was kind enough to compile these moments in a list, so here you go.

John Morrison and The Miz

During the 2009 Draft on the April 13 edition of RAW, Miz and John Morrison had no choice but to break up after Miz was drafted to RAW. After years of dominating the tag team division and making everyone laugh with their amazing web series, you’d think the two would end things on a positive note. Alas, Miz chose to be a dick about it by planting his former partner with a Reality Check. Back then, it was a rather bold statement coming from the supposed Jannetty of the team. Little did they know that Miz will become a world champion two years later.

Goldust and Stardust

Goldust and Cody Rhodes won the WWE Tag Team Championships in 2013 in an emotional moment with their legendary father, Dusty Rhodes. A year later, Cody stepped things up by becoming Stardust, a cosmic being almost matching Goldust’s eccentric personality. They were the ideal team of weirdos that everyone enjoyed. Unfortunately, their cosmic adventures were ended abruptly by a resentful Stardust after planting his brother with Cross Rhodes on the February 16, 2015 edition of RAW. Talk about a family feud.

Edge and Christian

It’s hard to imagine Edge and Christian fighting over something, but back on the September 3, 2001 edition of RAW, that’s exactly what happened. After winning that year’s King of the Ring tournament, Edge was urged by a jealous Christian to present his KOR trophy in his hometown of Toronto. Christian wasted no time and blindsided his brother with a vicious con-chair-to, effectively breaking up their prolific tag team. The two ended up feuding for the Intercontinental Championship as members of the opposing Team Alliance and Team WWF.  

Kane and his various partners

Newly-elected Knoxville mayor Kane may be a literal people’s champion today, but everyone seemed to forgot his bad track record as a tag team partner. For one, he teamed up with X-Pac back in 1999 only to be betrayed by the former DX member. Four years later, he was tearing the tag team division to pieces with Rob Van Dam before unmasking and laying his partner out with a massive chokeslam on the June 23, 2003 edition of RAW. And do we need to mention how he terrorized Daniel Bryan after putting an end to Team Hell No back in 2013?

The Rock n’ Sock Connection

During the Attitude Era, all Mankind wanted was to be friends with The Rock. He helped him deal with the sinister team of Undertaker and Big Show. He even threw The Great One a birthday party that one time. Throughout their tag team run, Mankind always felt like his efforts weren’t appreciated. That would explain why Mankind lashed out on his partner when he thought The Rock threw away his book. He later let The Rock get pinned during their tag title defense on the October 18, 1999 edition of RAW. Let’s just say Mankind had a really bad day.

(Photo Credit: WWE.com)
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