The Magazines Brock Lesnar Reads

Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar; The Beast Incarnate, The Conqueror, The One in 21 and 1. This week, we got another angle on who Lesnar is: The Reader.

Multiple backstage interactions between Paul Heyman and Brock showed the champion reading some magazines while killing time. These gave us a glimpse of who he is beyond the destructive force he projects every time he steps into the WWE ring. Let’s take a peek into the magazines he was reading at the time and analyze what this means in terms of his personality and interests.

The Backwoodsman – The Magazine for the 21st Century Frontiersman

The Backwoodsman is a magazine that highlights topics of frontier living, hunting, fishing, and survival. There are also guides and tutorials in the magazine that involves creating your own shelters, making your own clothes that can withstand the elements, and outdoor/fire camp cooking for sustenance.

In the first backstage segment, Brock Lesnar was reading the July/August 2018 issue. This edition featured topics like safety tips for hikers, moccasins guide, and gun guide. Looking at the cover, it’s not too surprising to see The Conqueror Brock Lesnar resting a rifle across his shoulders while he steps on a couple of cow skulls freshly hunted.

American Frontiersman Magazine

 On another backstage segment, Brock was reading the American Frontiersman. It also concerned with living in the wilderness and outdoors. The magazine offers tutorials and guides, latest news, and supplies that involve the great frontier.

Brock was reading the summer 2018 issue of the magazine. Highlights of the edition included a complete guide to backwoods living, various DIY projects, hunting tips, and even a recipe on homemade mead. Judging by the cover, we see men holding a bow and arrow, handling wood, and carrying leather supplies. These are far from the physical feats Brock does in the ring. However, it’s possible that Brock can be seen living in the outdoors and braving the conditions for survival’s sake.

In Summary…

Brock reading the Backwoodsman and American Frontiersman shouldn’t be a surprise. He prefers to reside in rural areas with farms and forestry. His residences are Minnesota and Saskatchewan. Beyond the glamour of the WWE, Brock is a simple man at heart. This must be his way of disengaging from the hustle and bustle of the WWE spotlight. If he’s not manhandling other fighters or WWE Superstars, Brock Lesnar has an alternative in hunting down animals and surviving the brutal conditions of nature. Truly, this is an endeavor not for the weak of heart, fitting only for the Beast Incarnate.

(Photo and Video Credit:, @WWE)

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