The Love/Hate of Bayley and Sasha Banks

Bayley and Sasha Banks; together longtime friends since their early days in NXT, but always at extremely opposite ends when it comes to the competing with each other. They love each other, and then they hate each other. They hate each other more, and when we think that the hate couldn’t get any higher, one suddenly says she really love each other.

It was only recently that their relationship went to the next level when Banks bravely professed her love for everyone’s favorite hugger, and things have been more troubled between them than before. It’s always been this way though for Bayley and Sasha as seen in the countless classics they’ve had on both NXT and Raw. Here’s a look at how it all started, and where the heavy the emotional and historical baggage between these two women came from.

NXT TakeOver: Rival 2015 

NXT Women’s Championship Match
Charlotte (C) vs. Sasha Banks vs. Bayley vs. Becky Lynch

This classic NXT TakeOver gave the audience a glimpse of the dynamic between Bayley and Banks. You can already see the early beginnings of a long and meaningful rivalry of Bayley and Banks in their exchanges to get the pin and win the Women’s championship. After a hard fought battle, The Boss came out on top to secure her first title in WWE and NXT. This would mark the beginning of a long rivalry that’s still ongoing.

NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 2015

NXT Women’s Championship Match
Sasha Banks (C) vs. Bayley

An instant classic. Fast forward a couple of months,  our two protagonists face each other in what is considered one of the most important milestones in the Womens’ Revolution. It was this fateful night in Brooklyn that would mark the turning of the tide. Banks has been established as the wiser and more superior, while Bayley was the soft-hearted and weak wrestler who didn’t have a mean bone in her to want to win badly enough. Even in the match itself, Banks would hurt and abuse Bayley so bad. It was only when Bayley toughened herself up mid-match and gathered her bearings did she overcome the Sasha hurdle. A Bayley to Belly suplex from the top rope was enough to seal the deal, defeat Banks, and win the NXT Women’s title.

NXT TakeOver: Respect 2015
NXT Women’s Championship 30-Minute Iron Man Match

Bayley (C) vs. Sasha Banks

Brooklyn was so good that the two women needed a rematch a few months after at the next NXT special. They top this with the first ever women’s 30-minute Iron Man Match. The match gave fans everything they needed for another instant classic. There were various callbacks to their past matches and sprinkled-in elements of their storied rivalry.  There were the trash talking, brutal spots, awesome wrestling, and even insults thrown to Bayley’s biggest fan. A last-second win by Bayley would mark the end of their rivalry as far as the NXT chapter is concerned as Banks was called up to the main roster soon after.

(Photo and Video Credit:, @WWE)

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