Extremely Redone? WWE SummerSlam 2018 is Still a Must Watch

After a WWE Extreme Rules, events on Raw have begun setting up the card for WWE SummerSlam. Scheduled on August 20, 2018, it is slowly shaping up to feature too many familiar faces and matchups. Some fans may argue that it’s becoming repetitive. Others will say it’s another chapter in a long epic story.

Let’s examine some of these recurring matchups, their background, and what to expect on their upcoming meeting for the WWE Universe to not want to miss WWE SummerSlam.

Braun Strowman vs. Kevin Owens – If Strowman loses, he forfeits MITB Contract to Kevin Owens

Braun Strowman put a solid exclamation point to what could’ve been the end of his rivalry with Kevin Owens during their Extreme Rules steel cage match. As the two superstars climbed and fought their way to the top of the cage, Strowman got the upper hand and threw KO crashing down the announcer’s table. This finish however also meant that Owens technically got the decision as his feet touched the ground first. With the confusion of one superstar getting the win, while the other clearly overpowering the winner, we’re left needing another match to get a clear and definitive victor.

They have the chance to do this at SummerSlam. Will Braun simply muscle his way to decimate KO, or can Kevin Owens fight his way to finally topple down the giant? To up the stakes, Strowman’s MITB contract is on the line. Not only will we get to know who really is the better man—or monster—but also who will have the coveted MITB contract which can be exchanged for a title shot in the future. It may be a slight redo of Extreme Rules, but there are many pending implications from this match for us to not miss it.

Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Seth Rollins – For the Intercontinental Championship

A 30-minute Iron Man Match at extreme rules should’ve been the ending to this rivalry. Both Rollins and Ziggler had all the time and opportunity to up their game and settle this once and for all. If it were another sport, Dolph coming back to win 4-3 would be enough to put a lid on this. Only Drew McIntyre’s interference at Extreme Rules tainted this match and deprived us of knowing who between Ziggler and Rollins was the better man. Or maybe it was the crowd that kept counting down from ten to one every minute that did it?

Their match at WWE SummerSlam is currently set as a straight-up singles match. There haven’t been any special rules or ringside bans to prevent interference. Though we’ve seen a similar match like this at Extreme Rules—with seven decisions at that – another meeting between these two talented Superstars promises us with more beautiful and poetic wrestling to soothe our heart’s desires. Also, SummerSlam has always been a good time to settle disputes. We can add this to the list of rivalries that might be concluded once the night ends.

Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Roman Reigns – For the WWE Universal Championship

This is going to be a little tricky to justify watching again. Wrestlemania 31, Wrestlemania 34, The Greatest Royal Rumble; Lesnar vs Reigns has featured in the main event of multiple major events. The rivalry’s been drawn out for years with the hype for one match to the next struggling to solicit new interest. For three meetings across those years, the Beast Incarnate has always come out on top against the Big Dog. Lesnar has also won convincingly over Reigns that sometimes it just doesn’t make sense why they should even bother with it again and again. It’s obviously the big-ticket rivalry that always highlights the show when viewership is at its highest.

What makes us think things will be any different in SummerSlam? There’s a good chance things won’t be any different come SummerSlam. The WWE Universe has seen almost everything that the two Superstars can do, and they can only do so much to change things up from their recent encounters. However, if there’s anything the memorable WM 31 main event taught us—when Rollins’ music hit, cashed in his MITB contract, and robbed both Lesnar and Reigns of the title—it’s that these things can be unpredictable. Will we get a short and quick match ala Lesnar vs. Goldberg at Wrestlemania 33? Will Roman finally tame the Beast Incarnate to get a win over Brock? Or just like Rollins at WM 31, will we get the winner of Owens/Strowman to cash in their contract and steal the title at the end of SummerSlam? With all these possibilities, it makes sense for the WWE Universe to tune in and see just what might happen in this chapter of this rivalry.

(Photo and Video Credit: WWE.com, @WWE)

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