WATCH: Paul Heyman reveals on RAW who Brock Lesnar will fight for the Universal Championship at Summerslam

Paul Heyman was at his slimy best on Monday Night Raw as he discussed whom his client Brock Lesnar would face for the Universal Championship at the biggest party of the summer.

Heyman now controls creative for Raw, and has a show to run, apart from running his mouth as the advocate for the “Beast Incarnate”, who cashed in his Money in the Bank contract on a weary Seth Rollins at Extreme Rules.

The former ECW supremo laid out the plans for Lesnar and the Universal Championship in classic Heyman fashion, calling for a battle royal to decide who will face his client.

A “cross branded top 10 all star battle royal” is what Heyman is calling it, that will decide who will face Brock Lesnar at Summerslam, which has historically been a pay-per-view quite suited to the former UFC Champion.

As WWE Raw continues, we hope to have more on this story to see whether Heyman’s master plan yields a worthy challenger for one of the most dangerous superstars on the entire WWE roster.

Meanwhile, the show continues with its typically high octane action.

(Image courtesy: WWE)