WWE News: Roman Reigns returns to Monday Night RAW; provides update on leukemia diagnosis

WWE fans were unanimous in their joy as Roman Reigns made a triumphant return to Monday Night Raw to announce that he was in remission.

Reigns, who relinquished the WWE Universal Title in October 2018 and left after making a gut-wrenching revelation that he was battling leukemia for the second time in eleven years, returned to television programming with an update that he was in remission.

Welcomed by an electric and vociferous crowd, Reigns announced that he ‘didn’t just swing for the fences but hit a home run’ in his battle against leukemia, and that this means that the ‘Big Dog is back’ in the WWE.

Reigns was advertised for today’s episode of Monday Night RAW with the WWE mentioning that he was to provide the WWE Universe with an update as to his health condition.

A genuinely grateful and thankful Reigns was supremely well received by the crowd and he handled himself with class, thanking everyone for the inordinate level of support that he had received from them.

As he was done with the segment and made his way to the back, his former Shield stablemate and good friend Seth Rollins also came out to welcome the Big Dog back into the fold, capping off the feel good moment perfectly.