WWE News: Hideo Itami asks for WWE release

Fightful.com have just broken the story that Hideo Itami has also asked for his WWE release.

According to Fightful, Itami asked for his WWE release after being upset with his position and WWE creative. The report also states that Itami will probably be granted his release. This follows news from earlier this week that Dean Ambrose will also be leaving the WWE after refusing to sign a new contract.

The former KENTA signed with WWE in 2014 and WWE legend Hulk Hogan himself flew to Japan for the signing.

A shoulder injury suffered in 2015 hurt Hideo Itami’s career in WWE, keeping him out for over a year. He suffered another injury at a Live Event later in the year and returned in April 2017. Itami moved to the main roster in late 2017.

UPDATE: Itami just posted this on Twitter seemingly confirming the news: