WWE News: Daniel Bryan reveals new WWE Championship belt; Elimination Chamber match announced (Video)

WWE SmackDown Live saw a huge change in the WWE Championship picture. Daniel Bryan literally changed the WWE Championship on SmackDown Live. During the main event on SmackDown Live, Daniel Bryan put the original WWE Championship in the Recycling Bin.

Bryan claimed that the Championship was not environmentally friendly and it was actually made from cheap labour and a cow named ‘Daisy’ who had tragically lost her life. He dumped the belt in the bin, something that has not been since the days of Monday Night Wars.

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He then went on to ask Erick Rowan, who had accompanied him, to reveal the new belt. Rowan brought it out and Bryan revealed it. While the design was same, Bryan revealed the belt was nature-friendly. It was made from organic hemp and the wood of a naturally fallen oak — not a tree that was cut down, but one that had fallen down by itself.


Bryan is not the first Champion to introduce his own belt. The last one in recent memory was when John Cena introduced his spinning WWE Championship belt.

The night did not end well for Bryan as WWE Superstars — AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, Randy Orton, Mustafa Ali and Samoa Joe — all came out to challenge him for the title, with Triple H announcing that they would all compete for Bryan’s new belt at the Elimination Chamber.