Jeff Jarrett returns in the men’s WWE Royal Rumble Match (Video)

The 30-Man WWE Royal Rumble Match is always full of returns from WWE legends and injured stars. This year’s Royal Rumble was no different as fans did not have to wait for the match to even start before a legend returned.

Elias came out at Number 1 and was about to sing a song for the WWE Universe. As is usual, Elias was interrupted by a WWE Superstar. This time, it was a WWE Hall of Famer who interrupted him, as Elias was interrupted by Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett is one of the originators of Elias’ current gimmick, as Jarrett used to come out with a guitar all the time.

Elias proposed a duet between him and Jeff Jarrett to start the Royal Rumble, but it was not to be. Jarrett agreed, but Elias hit him with a cheap shot, knocking him down. He then hit him with the signature move of breaking a guitar on his back.

Elias then eliminated him, cutting Jarrett’s return to the ring short.