AJ Styles vs Daniel Bryan Results, Who won at the WWE Royal Rumble?

AJ Styles faced Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship at the WWE Royal Rumble. The match between Bryan and Styles was brutal. It was a slow-paced technical matchup as both men reversed the other’s moves and continued their offense.

AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan have had one of the most ferocious rivalries recently. Ever since Mr. McMahon provoked AJ Styles to bring out his more vicious side, Styles has seemed unstoppable. The ‘New’ Daniel Bryan has not been any less of a great Champion. His new environment conscious avatar has drawn the ire of the WWE Universe.

However, the end came when there was a shock return during the match. Usually, the WWE Royal Rumble sees returns during the night. But Erick Rowan returned and joined forces with Daniel Bryan to take out AJ Styles. Styles was slammed by Rowan when the referee was still out.

As a result, Bryan was able to pick up the win, and he retained the WWE Championship.