2019 WWE Royal Rumble Results, Live updates, Recap and video highlights

The 2019 WWE Royal Rumble is almost here. The first PPV of the year and one of WWE’s biggest shows of the year, this year’s Rumble takes place from Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona now. As is the custom now, we’ll get both a men’s and a women’s Royal Rumble match. We’ll take a more detailed look at the match card below. Scroll down for WWE Royal Rumble results.

What surprises will be in store for the WWE Universe tonight? We’ll have to wait and find out but this is definitely shaping up to be what could be one of the best Royal Rumbles in recent memory. Will The Beast retain the Universal Championship tonight or will it be Finn Balor’s night to win back the title he never lost? What’s in store for ‘The Man’ Becky Lynch and her quest to main-event WrestleMania? Will Sasha Banks hand Ronda Rousey her first loss in the WWE? With the threat of the nascent All Elite Wrestling looming, WWE definitely needs to knock it out of the park tonight.

Which injured WWE Superstars could return? We know that Sin Cara is in Phoenix. Bray Wyatt and Sami Zayn also have a good chance of returning tonight.

WWE Royal Rumble 2019: Preview and predictions

For a full list of confirmed entrants for the men’s and women’s Royal Rumble matches CLICK HERE.

WWE have just confirmed that John Cena is out of the Royal Rumble due to injury. More details HERE.

WWE Royal Rumble Rumors: Bray Wyatt returns, Multiple NXT stars to debut

The Royal Rumble 2019 pre-show will begin in just over an hour. Stay tuned for live updates.

WWE have just announced that Braun Strowman will replace John Cena in the men’s Royal Rumble match. More details HERE.

WWE Royal Rumble results will be updated when the show begins…

WWE Royal Rumble Pre-Show

Watch the WWE Royal Rumble Kickoff Show below:


Chad Gable and Bobby Roode vs Rezar and Scott Dawson

This impromptu match was booked backstage on the pre-show itself.

Dawson and Roode started the match before Gable and Rezar came in as the legal men. Great wrestling from Gable as he showed off his wrestling props running circles around the big man with Dawson tagging in.

Rezar and Dawson soon isolated Chad Gable and continued working him over. Bobby Roode finally came in off the hot tag and cleared the ring momentarily and hitting Dawson with a Spinebuster followed by a Spear in the corner.

Roode and Gable then tackled Rezar out of the ring. Dawson tried to roll up Gable but he kicked out and tagged Roode back in. Roode and Gable hit their double team finisher for the win.

Chad Gable and Bobby Roode def. Rezar and Scott Dawson


Rusev (C) vs Shinsuke Nakamura (for the WWE United States Championship)

Rusev starts the match strong, driving Nakamura out of the ring with a clothesline. Rusev followed Nakamura out but caught a kick to the jaw.

Nakamura rolled Rusev back into the ring and followed it with more knee strikes followed by a headlock. Rusev broke fre and replied with a massive dropkick. Nakamura looked to follow up with a knee strike but Rusev dodged it and hit a kick to the head. Nakamura replied with a wheel kick, sending Rusev to his knees.

Nakamura looked to follow it up with a Kinshasa but Rusev dodged it. He hit Nakamura with a double axehandle and followed it up with a Machka Kick. Nakamura caught Rusev in a Triangle Choke. Rusev deadliftedΒ  Nakamura and hit a powerbomb and followed it up with a vertical suplex.

Nakamura replied with a modified Falcon Arrow but was unable to put Rusev away for the 3-count.

He went to take the turnbuckle but Lana got on the apron to stop him. Rusev knocked her off by mistake and Nakamura hit Rusev with a Kinshasa as he was distracted before pinning him to win the United States Championship.

Shinsuke Nakamura def. Rusev


Buddy Murphy (C) vs Akira Tozawa vs Kalisto vs Hideo Itami (for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship)

We start off with fast paced action from all 4 men. Tozawa knocked Murphy out of the ring with a running dropkick off Kalisto. Murphy then caught Kalisto in midair at ringside and hit a vertical suplex.

Hideo Itami took control of the match at this point. He picked his opponents apart one by one to remain the last one standing. Kalisto launched Tozawa off the apron onto Buddy Murphy.

With his opponents at ringside, Buddy Murphy launched himself over the ropes and took them out.

Back in the ring, Tozawa hit Murphy with a Spikerana. Itami came in and looked to steal the pin but Kalisto hit him with a Salita del Sol. Itami kicked out at 2.

Itami and Murphy were the first two to get to their feet. Murphy caught him with a knee strike before he dodged Kalsito’s kick which also hit Murphy. Kalisto and Itami then caught Murphy with a Superkick.

Kalisto went for a springboard but Murphy caught him with a knee strike.

Itami went to hit Murphy with the GTS but Murphy dodged it and hit the Murphy’s Law to pin Itami and retain his title.

Buddy Murphy wins to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Championships


WWE Royal Rumble Results

Asuka (C) vs Becky Lynch (for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship)

Asuka and Becky Lynch locked up to begin the match with Becky pushing Asuka back into the ropes. Asuka replied with a dropkick, droppingΒ  Becky to the mat. Lynch replied with a spinning backfist.

Lynch took Asuka down with a flying clothesline, sending Asuka rolling out of the ring. Becky continued piling on the pubishment, sending Asuka face first into the ring apron. Lynch followed it up with a Bexploder into the barricade and thenΒ the action headed back into the ring and Lynch kept pummelling the champion.

Asuka went for a hip attack but got caught up in the ropes. Becky continued hitting Asuka with right hands and theΒ  ref had to separate them. Asuka used this chance to lock in a chokehold but Asuka was forced to release it.

Becky headed to the top rope but Asuka caught her with a knee strike on the way down and followed it up with multiple hip attacks.

Asuka went for a dropkick from the top rope but missed. Becky got compalcent for a second and Asuka caught her in the Asuka lock.

On the apron, Asuka hit Becky Lynch with a modified DDT to the floor. Becky barely broke the 10-count to make it back to the ring and both women started trading punched before Asuka dropped Becky with a head kick.

Becky headed to the top rope but missed her leg drop. Asuka looked for the Asuka lock but Becky reverse it into one of her own. Asuka replied with a boot to the head but Becky replied by locking in the Dis-Arm-Her. Asuka broke free and locked in the Asuka Lock again, briding it and forcing Becky Lynch to tap out.

Asuka def. Becky Lynch

The Bar (C) vs Shane McMahon and The Miz (for the SmackDown Tag-Team Championships)

The co-besties faced The Bar next.

Shane just charged at Sheamus and took him down, sending him rolling out of the ring. The bell rang with Miz and Cesaro as the legal men. Miz took Cesaro down early but he replied with right hans of his own before tagging Sheamus in. The stomped Miz in the corner and Shane charged in, breaking it up.

Sheamus and Cesaro went to powerbomb Miz through the announcer’s table but Shane brokei t up. Miz set Cesaro in the table as Shane went for an elbow drop but Sheamus broke it up just in time. Shane took Sheamus out with a clothesline instead.

Cesaro hit Shane with an uppercut before tossing him into the barricade. The Bar them isolated The Miz with Shane stil down at ringside.

Shane made his way back to the apron but Sheamus and Cesaro were still firmly in control, isolating The Miz in their corner.

The Miz finally managed to tag Shane in. He can in on the hot tag and cleared house, setting both Sheamus and Cesaro in the corner. Shane went for a double Coast To Coast but Cesaro caught him in midair and hit the Cesaro Swing.

Shane briefly locked in a Triangle Lock but The Bar had him lined up for a Brogue Kick. Sheamus ended up hitting Cesaro by mistake and The Miz hit Sheamus with a Skull Crushing Finale. Shane then headed to the top rope and hit an incredible Shooting Star Press before pinning Cesaro.

Shane McMahon and The Miz def. The Bar


Ronda Rousey (C) vs Sasha Banks (for the RAW Women’s Championship)

Ronda Rousey went for a judo throw right off the bat and Sasha Banks countered it. Rousey took Sasha down early and mocked her and followed it by looking ot hit the Three Amigos. Sasha blocked it on the third suplex. Rousey almost locked in the armbar but had to settle for booting Rousey out of the ring.

Rousey followed her out and sent Sasha face first into the apron. She looked to follow it up with a right hand but Sasha dodged it, leading Rousey to connect with the ringpost instead.

Sasha followed it up with a suicide dive before rolling Rousey back into the ring. The Boss followed it up with the double knees in the corner but Rousey replied with a running elbow strike. Unfazed, Sasha continued working on Rousey’s arm, hitting her with an armbreaker.

Sasha locked in a nasty looking armbar and Rousey briefly lookied like she would tap out but she fought out of it. Sasha locked in the Banks Statement. Rousey finally broke free but she took a lot of damage.

With Ronda Rousey perched on the top rope, Sasha caught her with a knee strik before hitting a superplex. Rousey replied with the Piper’s Pit followed by three judo throws.

Sasha recovered briefly and went for another suicide dive but Rousey caught her and locked in an arm bar. Sasha tapped but it was outside the ring.

Back in the ring, Sasha Banks countered out of an attempted armbar and locked in a Banks Statement using a part of her attire to her advantage and stamping on Rousey’s arm. Sasha locked in an armbar but Rousey powered out of it and hit another Piper’s Pit for the win.

What a battle between the Banks and Rousey. They left it all out in the ring today.

Ronda Rousey def. Sasha Banks


Women’s WWE Royal Rumble match results

Lacey Evans is the first woman in the women’s Rumble. She cut a brief promo before Natalya came out at #2.

Lacey Evans went for an armdrag early but Natalya blocked it and hit a dropkick. Natalya almost eliminated Evans with a clothesline but Evans maneuvered her way back into the ring. Evans went for a powerbomb but Natalya reversed it.

Mandy Rose came in at #3 and cleared house. Natalya locked in a double Sharpshooter on both Evans and Rose.

Liv Morgan came in at #4. She charged at Natalya and got eliminated immediately.

Mickie James came in at #5 as Evans stacked both Rose and Natalya in the corner.

Mickie James cleared house and took Natalya down with a Mick Kick. Mandy Rose hit James with forearm but was almost eliminated herself soon after.

Ember Moon came in at #6. Ember started like a house on fire, clearing the ring. She almost eliminated Mandy but Mickie James stopped her. Natalya had Evans in a precarious position on the other side.

Billie Kay came in at #7. Billie Kay didn’t get in the ring ad kept circling it and refusing to get in. Ember Moon barely escaped elimination inside the ring as Natalya elbowed James away.

Nikki Cross came in at #8. She attacked Billie Kay at ringside before heading to the top rope and leaping at the other women. Cross almost eliminated Evans but she held on and made her way back in. Nikki followed it with a flurry of offence before Mandy Rose attacked her from behind.

Billie Kay came in and was attacked by Nikki Cross right away.

Peyton Royce came in at #9 and attacked Cross right away.

Tamina came in at #10 and dished out Samoan Drops till Nikki Cross attacked Tamina, sending her crashing out of the middle rope. Tamina came back in and hit Cross with a superkick.

Tamina hit a Splash from the top rope to Nikki Cross and then eliminated Mickey James.

Xia Li came in at #11. She acrobatically avoided Tamina and took her down.

Sarah Logan came in at #12. She immediately took out Natalya with a running knee strike. She almost eliminated Ember Moon but she held on. The IIconics eliminated Nikki Cross.

Charlotte Flair came in at #13. Everyone tried to eliminate Charlotte but she cleared house. The IIconics were eliminated as this point as was Xia Li who was booted out of the ring by Charlotte.

Kairi Sane came in at #14 as Charlotte eliminated Tamina. Kairi hit Sarah Logan with an elbow drop before hitting Charlotte with chops. Charlotte hit back with chops of her own. Logan was eliminated.

Maria Kanellis came in at #15. Both Lacey Evans and Charlotte went after her before going at each other. Kanellis took them both down with a double bulldog. Charlotte took Maria out with a Spear before going after Lacey Evans.

Naomi came in at #16. She immediately went after Mandy Rose and eliminated her. Mandy went to eliminate Naomi but she acrobatically made her way back to the steps. Mandy pulled her off eliminating Naomi as Charlotte eliminated Lacey Evans.

Candice LeRae came in at #17.Β Candice locked in an Octopus Hold on Ember Moon. She broke out if it and replied with a Gutbuster.

Alicia Fox came in at #18.Β Alicia Fox came in and hit Charlotte with a dropkick. The teamed up with Maria Kanellis and they double-teamed Kairi Sane. Kanellis then destroyed Alicia Fox’s ornate hat.

Alicia Fox eliminated Maria Kanellis.

Kacy Catanzaro came in at #19.Β  Natalya was in a precarious position but Catanzaro broke free and hit Fox with head scissors, sending her out onto the apron.

Zelina Vega came in at #20.Β Vega and Candice LeRae immediately went after each other.

Ruby Riott came out at #21 with the rest of the Riott Squad. They pulled Charlotte out of the ring and attacked her. They then pulled Fox out of the ring and took her out before tossing her back in. They then sent Fox back in and Ruby Riott eliminated her. Logan and Morgan then helped eliminate Candice LeRae.

Dana Brooke came in at #22. She powerbombed Kacy Catanzaro as Ruby Riott eliminated Kairi Sane. Riott rolled out of the ring and continued attacking her.

Io Shirai came in and #23. She went right after the Riott Squad and hit an incredible Asai Moonsault. Shirai then went inside the ring and went after Ruby Riott.

Rhea Rhipley came in at #24.Β Kacy Catanzaro acrobatically avoided being eliminated before going after Rhipley. Rhea Rhipley eliminated her.

Sonya Deville came in at #25. Ripley dropkicked Dana Brooke and eliminated her. Zelina Vega was still hiding under the ring and turns out Hornswoggle was there too. Vega ran back into the ring and Rhipley threw her out.

Alexa Bliss came out at #26 to a massive pop.Β Bliss hit Charlotte with a Sunset Flip. Sonya Deville attacked Alexa Bliss but Bliss eliminated her.

Bayley came in at #27. She immediately went after Ruby Riott and eliminated her. Rhea Rhipley charged at Bayley and the hugger eliminated her too.

Lana came in at #28. Lana has her leg taped up from earlier but can’t even make it to the ring. Medical staff work on her.

Nia Jax came in at #29 and immediately attacked Lana. No chance of Lana entering the match now. Jax was greeted by boos.

Io Shirai went for a moonsault at Lana but she caught Shirai in midair and threw her out to eliminated her. Jax then eliminated Natalya.

Carmella came in at #30. Jax immediately flattened Carmella.

Becky Lynch came out to replace Lana.Β Becky was almost taken out by both Nia and Charlotte but she survived and hit Nia Jax with a flying dropkick.

Bliss and Ember Moon went back and forth on the apron, Bliss booted Moon but she held on. Bliss finally eliminated Ember Moon.

Bayley powerbombed Alexa Bliss and threw her out with the help of Alexa Bliss. We’re down to the final 5.

Carmella was almost eliminated but held on. She hit Jax with Superkicks from the apron but was booted out by Charlotte. Charlotte then booted Nia Jax who eliminated Bayley.

Charlotte lifted Nia Jax and put her on the apron. Becky pulled her out and we’re down to 2. As Becky was about to get back into the ring, Nia Jax ran through her and took her out.

When Becky finally got in, Charlotte was all over her. Charlotte was in a precarious position for a second but came back in and hit Becky with an exploder suplex. Charlotte then charged at Becky but she tossed her out to the apron and booted her out of the ring.

Becky Lynch wins the WWE Women’s Royal Rumble.


Daniel Bryan (C) vs AJ Styles (for the WWE Championship)

AJ Styles was on the backfoot early on but Bryan soon came back and grounded Styles. AJ replied with an armdrag. Bryan and Styles continued going back and forth, Styles hitting a backbody drop.

Bryan sent Styles toppling out of the ring and followed him out, working on his left arm an sending him crashing into ring post. Bryan rolled AJ back into the ring and locked in a submission. Bryan continued pounding Styles with right hands. Styles was busted open at this point but he still fought back.

Bryan took Styled down with a Dragon Suplex but Styles still kicked out at 2.

Daniel Bryan threw Styles out of the ring and went for a suicide dive and missed. Styles hit Bryan with a sliding knee and followed up with a Labelle Lock inside the ring.

Bryan followed it up with the Yes Kicks. Styles went for a Calf Crusher out of nowhere but Bryan easily blocked it. The WWE Champion headed to the top rope but Styles stopped him. Bryan went for a backbody drop off the top rope but Styles landed on his feet.

Styles failed to lock in Calf Crusher and hit a Brainbuster instead.

Erick Rowan came out and made his way to ringside. The referee got knocked out at this point as AJ hit Bryan with a Styles Clash. Rowan came in and hit Styles with a chokeslam at this point and Bryan pinned him for the win. Daniel Bryan retains but that was a little strange, to say the least.

Daniel Bryan def. AJ Styles

Brock Lesnar (C) vs Finn Balor (for the WWE Universal Championship)

Balor went after Brock Lesnar as soon as the bell rang. He knocked Brock back into the corner and followed it with multiple boots from the apron.

Brock replied with a belly-to-belly suplex and Balor went rolling out of the ring.

Lesnar followed Balor out. Brock went to toss Finn into the annoucer’s area but he maneuvered out of it and pushed Brock into the announcer’s desk. Brock replied with a knee before heading into the ring and tossing Balor into the corner like a sack of potatoes.

Brock has a pained look on his face but he was still on top, hitting Balor with a belly-to-belly suplex.

Balor went to hit Brock with a running dropkick but Lesnar took him down with a clothesline. Brock went for another suplex but stopped midway, clutching his ribs.

Balor booted Lesnar out of the ring and hit him with multiple dives over the top rope.

Brock somehow made his way back into the ring. Balor hit hi with a Coup de Grace but Brock kicked out and Brock locked in the Kimura lock, forcing Finn to tap out.

Brock Lesnar def. Finn Balor

A pissed off Lesnar continued attack Finn Balor after the match.

2019 men’s WWE Royal Rumble results

Elias drew #1. WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett came out at #2.

Jeff Jarrett tells Elias that he wants to do a duet and the fans in the stadium roar. Jarrett goes to hype the crowd again and Elias attacks him to officially start the match.

Elias and Jarrett trade right hands before Elias floors JJ. Elias then smashes his guitar on him before eliminating him.

Shinsuke Nakamura came out at #3.Β Elias hit his version of the old school and almost eliminated Nakamura.

Kurt Angle came out at #4. He immediately started dishing out German Suplexes.

Big E came out at #5.Β E hit Nakamura with a belly-to-belly suplex followed by a Big Splash. Nakamura eliminated Kurt Angle at this point with a Kinshasa.

At #6, it’s Johnny Gargano – the new NXT North American Champion.Β Gargano booted Elias away hit Big E with a DDT. Gargano then hit Elias with a slingshot Spear through the ropes.

Jinder Mahal comes in at #7. He goe after Gargano but Gargano sends him superkicking him off the apron and eliminating the former WWE Champion.

Samoa Joe comes in at #8 and cleans house. He then tosses Big E out of the ring to eliminate him.

Curt Hawkins is in at #9.

Seth Rollins is in at #10. He eliminates Elias.

Titus O’ Neil is in at #11 and he follows Curt Hawkins under the ring and out the other side into the ring. Hawkins eliminated Titus and Joe eliminates him.

Kofi Kingston is in at #12.Β 

Mustafa Ali comes in at #13. Nakamura goes after him but Ali eliminates the US Champion.

Dean Ambrose is in at #14. Rollins and Ambrose went right after each other. Ambrose eliminates Rollins and then Kofi Kingston attacks him.

No Way Jose is in at #15. Jose dances his way into the ring and Joe immediately eliminates him.

Drew McIntyre is in at #16. He headbutted Joe on his way to the ring. McIntyre hit Rollins and Ambrose with Claymore kicks before hitting Joe with a third and flooring Joe.

Xavier Woods is in at #17. He helps Kingston escape elimination again but McIntyre clotheslines them both out of the ring.

Pete Dunne is in at #18. Dunne goes straight after Ali, hitting him with a snap suplex. He then takes out Joe and McIntyre before going after Mustafa Ali.

Andrade came in #19. Andrade hit Pete Dunne with a tornado DDT before going after Dean Ambrose.

Apollo is in at #20. He dished out Enzeguiris and Samoan Drops. He went to eliminate Ambrose bu failed.

Aleister Black is in at #21. Black went after McIntyre before turning his attention to Ali. He hit Ali with a knee before throwing Ambrose out and eliminating him.

Shelton Benjamin is in at #22. He hits Dunne with the Paydirt but Joe attacks him. Ali comes and throws Joe out of the ring.

Baron Corbin is in at #23.Β Corbin wipes out Rollins with a clothesline before hitting Ali with a Deep Six. Corbin then eliminates Apollo.

#24 is Jeff Hardy. Hardy comes in and goes after Black before hitting Ali with a jawbreaker. Black and Dunne traded strikes in the ring. Corbin came from behind and eliminated Aleister Black. McIntyre eliminated Dunne.

Rey Mysterio is in at #25. Corbin hits Mysterio with a backbreaker and then goes after Ali.

Bobby Lashley is in at #26. Lashley gets eliminated by Rollins almost immediately. He pulls Rollins out of the ring and tosses him through the announcer’s table.

Braun Strowman is in at #27 and he eliminates Baron Corbin almost immediately. He then tosses out Shelton Benjamin. Jeff Hardy also gets eliminated.

Dolph Ziggler comes in at #28. He superkicks McIntyre and eliminates him.

Randy Orton comes in at #29. Orton immediately gets Powerslammed by Strowman. Strowman then charged shoulder-first into the ring post and crashed out.

R-Truth comes out at #30 but Nia Jax attacks him and enters the ring. She eliminates Mustafa Ali before Randy Orton faced off with her. Jax gets hit with a 619 followed by an RKO. Orton and Mysterio eliminate Jax.

Orton hits Mysterio with an RKO and eliminates him before Andrade eliminates Orton.

Strowman, Ziggler, Andrade and Rollins are the 4 men left. Strowman flattens Rollins and rolls him into the ring. Everyone goes after Braun at this point.

Braun Strowman eliminates Andrade and then Ziggler. He then goes after Seth Rollins. Rollins and Strowman went back and forth on the apron. Rollins hit a superkick followed by a Curbstomp to eliminate Braun Strowman and win the 2019 men’s WWE Royal Rumble.

Seth Rollins wins the men’s Royal Rumble