John Cena’s 5 most ruthless moments in WWE

Over the years, John Cena has cultivated a reputation for being the clean-cut, family-friendly face of WWE. Although he has stepped back from the role now, Cena has still got the same image. However, this image of Cena is only partially true. Fans often forget how ruthless the ‘Champ’ was when he needed. Several times, what he did in the ring could hardly be described as ‘family-friendly’. In fact, those moments were downright ruthless.

In this article, we will take a look at 5 times that John Cena was ruthless in WWE.

Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules

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Back when Brock Lesnar was still loved by the WWE fans, his return to the WWE had caused a huge stir. Coming out and hitting Cena with a huge F-5 the night after WrestleMania, he had given the fans hope for a new era in WWE. However, when the two met in the ring to settle their differences at Extreme Rules, it was a match no one expected. Lesnar introduced a much more hard-hitting style inspired by his MMA run in the UFC. It was a brutal match where Cena got beaten down. However, he still had enough to use a chain to hit the Beast and even hit him with AA on the Steel Steps. This allowed him to win, but he had to be brutal to reach that point himself.

JBL Quitting

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John Bradshaw Layfield was one of the best heels during his time in WWE. He was engaged in a huge rivalry with John Cena. Their long and bitter feud was culminating in an ‘I Quit’ match. The two put each other through hell and were bleeding freely when Cena lined JBL up with a pipe to hit him with. JBL finally quit then, but Cena did not stop. He hit him with the pipe and sent him crashing through a giant glass pane.

Randy Orton Hell in a Cell

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Randy Orton and John Cena have had no dearth of matches in their long history. However, the most brutal moment of their rivalry did not come in an actual match. In the lead up to the two facing off against each other inside the Hell in a Cell, they climbed to the top of the Cell on RAW. There the two battled and Cena hit an Attitude Adjustment onto the top of the Cell. It might have been the most memorable moment in all of their feuds.

Latino Heat Street Fight

Towards the beginning of his career, John Cena was all about Ruthless Aggression. So when he faced off against Eddie Guerrero in a street fight things came to a head. The Latino Heat Street Fight was a parking lot brawl amidst the cars. Cena used the surroundings to his advantage and sent Guerrero into the windscreens of multiple cars and used them to his advantage. The aggression he showed was astounding, and though he lost the match, created an impression on the viewer.

3 Stages of Hell with Ryback

Ryback was one of the most heavily pushed wrestlers at times on the WWE roster. He often found himself competing against the very top WWE Superstars. One of these Superstars happened to be John Cena. The two competed in a 3 Stages of Hell match. After a Lumberjack and Tables Match, it all came down to the final fall in an Ambulance Match. Cena showed what he was willing to do to win, by sending Ryback through the roof of the Ambulance with an Attitude Adjustment to get the victory.