5 UFC stars who could follow Ronda Rousey to WWE

Harry Kettle Harry Kettle

Nobody can really deny the success story of Ronda Rousey at this point. The former UFC Champion has been able to transition over to professional wrestling with ease, becoming one of the top stars in WWE. Of course, there’s still a long way to go before she can call herself an all-time great, but the early signs are certainly positive.

It’s no coincidence that Ronda is the latest in a long line of mixed martial arts stars to make the crossover, and we can virtually guarantee that she won’t be the last. The current MMA landscape is full to the brim with high level stars, both past and present, that we believe should also give it a go.

It may not be quite as smooth or effective as Rousey’s move over, but in time, they could become stars in their own right.

Chael Sonnen

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Captain Charisma himself Chael Sonnen kind of wrote the book on trash talking in mixed martial arts, and while he’s no longer a part of the UFC organisation specifically, he’s still a prominent figure courtesy of his work with ESPN. The Bad Guy has hinted at the idea of trying out professional wrestling many times, and even if it was only as a commentator, we think it’d be the perfect fit.

Paige VanZant

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It’s no secret that Paige is interested in the world of professional wrestling, and when you consider how young she is, there’s a good chance that she could have a long and successful career in the business. At this moment in time it doesn’t seem like she’s destined to become a world champion in the UFC, and if she loses her next few fights, we could see her in the squared circle sooner rather than later.

Conor McGregor

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The man stole Vince McMahon’s walk for goodness sake.

Conor is built for the art of pro wrestling and while there’s no guarantee of how good he’d actually be in the ring, you know he’d be absolutely tremendous on the mic. It’s not an exaggeration to suggest that he’s the biggest star in combat sports today, and some would even argue in all of sports altogether. Sooner rather than later, this’ll happen.

Colby Covington

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He’s already done a few angles with Impact Wrestling, his whole persona is built around the idea of a pro wrestling heel, and we honestly don’t believe that he’s even reached his peak yet. Colby isn’t the most popular of figures but he’s a solid wrestler, and that’s a great base for competing in WWE.

Cain Velasquez

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Cain Velasquez is one of the greatest heavyweights in UFC history, and as recently as a few months ago, he was training at the WWE Performance Center. His move over to wrestling would certainly create a few intriguing possibilities especially if Brock Lesnar is still around, given that Velasquez was the man who defeated The Beast Incarnate to win the UFC Heavyweight Championship.