5 Stories from The Undertaker and Wrestler’s Court

WWE is like a world of its own. WWE is the biggest wrestling promotion in the world, and with its size comes a huge roster. It is not always possible for the management to keep all the wrestlers in line all the time. They have to follow the rules of the company and respect their fellow wrestlers. This remains one of the most important things in the world of WWE, and for that very reason, there is the wrestler’s court. For the longest part of his career, The Undertaker was considered to be the locker room leader.

He presided over proceedings in the locker room and handed out punishments to anyone who did not follow the unwritten codes of the locker room. There are several instances of such occurrences.

In this article, we will talk about 5 stories from the Undertaker and the other locker room leaders presiding over the Wrestler’s Court.

Johnny and the Tag Team

The Spirit Squad were not the most formidable team in WWE’s history, but they were prominent for a big part of 2006. One of the members of the Spirit Squad, Johnny, however, was not thrilled with the idea of starting his career in a tag team as he wanted a singles run. Tag team expert, John Bradshaw Layfield, was less than pleased with his attitude and took him to Wrestle Court.

The Undertaker presided over the arguments and found him guilty. He had him buy beers for JBL as an apology and was forced to watch old tag team wrestling tapes to appreciate them.

Hassan and the dual offences

Muhammad Hassan never really got anywhere in WWE due to his gimmick and the unfortunate timing. Even so he learnt a few lessons from Wrestler’s Court during his time in WWE. He was taken to the court for not selling offence by Sergeant Slaughter. Add to this, he dared to ask Eddie Guerrero, whose father had pioneered the Camel Clutch, why he had used the move. At the time, the move was Hassan’s finisher and he thought he should have it be exclusive. Unfortunately, the Wrestler’s Court did not see it that way and he was forced to pay the locker room’s $4000 tab in the bar.

The Miz

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The Miz was not really well liked backstage when he first arrived in WWE. He was a reality TV star and did not mesh well with the veterans backstage. On top of that, he made the mistake of eating chicken and dropping crumbs all over Chris Benoit’s bag. This was seen as a big sign of disrespect, and although Benoit explained to him calmly, he was kicked out of the locker room and was forced to change in the bathroom for 6 months.

Edge and Christian

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Edge and Christian were one of the best tag teams of all time. However, during their time in the WWE, they accidentally broke code by giving their storyline writer a gift. While the gift was an action figure, this sort of gift giving was forbidden and seen as a bribe. The Undertaker presided over their court and they had to purchase a Jack Daniels for the Undertaker, beer for the APA, and protein powder for Hardcore Holly.

Bill Goldberg and Jericho

Bill Goldberg was one of the top wrestlers in WWE during his run in the company. However, he had bad blood with one of the wrestlers from his previous run in WCW. He was trash-talking about Jericho backstage when Jericho heard him and the two got into a fight. Jericho beat him and held him down.

Goldberg took him to Wrestler’s Court but much to his dismay, he was ruled against for not having respect. He was forced to admit by Triple H in front of everyone that Jericho was a better wrestler than he was.