5 Things you didn’t know about John Cena

We began our series with The Rock yesterday and today, we take a look at 5 things you didn’t know about John Cena. There isn’t much that needs to be told to introduce the 16-time champion.

The most recognizable Superstar of WWE‘s current era, Cena has successfully transitioned into Hollywood and is currently entering the last part of his career as a wrestler.

Afraid of spiders

Like a lot of us, John Cena isn’t that big a fan of creepy crawlies either, especially spiders.

The Prototype

Before John Cena made his first appearance on SmackDown as a clean-cut babyface, he was working a character in developmental called The Prototype. Cena’s character was basically a Terminator-esque human-robot hybrid.

He didn’t win his first championship in WWE

John Cena has held a number of titles during his career in WWE from his 16-world titles to numerous other titles during his time in WWE but the first championship of career didn’t come in the WWE. Cena competed in Ultimate Pro Wrestling as ‘The Prototype’ while still in developmental, winning UPW Heavyweight Championship in April 2000. Cena’s opponent on the night was named ‘Smelly’.

He’s lost to Kevin Federline

Oh man, the guest GM era. That’s all I’ll say about the guest GM era before moving onto the fact that minor celebrity Kevin Federline – who is also famous for being Britney Spears’ ex-husband – was one such guest GM.

Federline and Cena actually competed in a match and believe it or nor Kevin Federline won (with a massive assist from Umaga who literally did all the work). This is one rematch I’d actually love to see in the future.

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Most make-a-wish visits

John Cena holds the record for the most Make-A-Wish visits made by any celebrity. As of now, he has granted over 500+ wishes.