WWE News: Becky Lynch destroys WWE legend for his comments on women’s wrestling

Road Warrior Animal recently made some controversial statements regarding WWE‘s women’s division. To no one’s surprise, ‘The Man’ Becky Lynch didn’t take kindly to the WWE Hall Of Famer’s words.

In a recent interview with WrestleZone Animal said that when women were having the best matches on the card, there had to be a problem:

“There is a problem in the wrestling business. Yes, the women’s movement is growing, but when the women are the main event and they have the best matches on your card, there’s an issue.”

He also had the following to say about Becky Lynch:

“I would let her back off of ‘The Man’ thing and let her just be a pure white meat babyface that doesn’t quit. Those are the kind of babyfaces that work. When you come out there with the attitude and strutting your stuff like she’s some kind of tough guy, come on! Jesus, Lord, anybody that’s ever been in a fight can see right through it and I’m just being realistic because that’s what works in this business. You’ve got to think shoot and work the shoot and right now they’re not taking advantage of their stars who are stars.”

Understandably, the former SmackDown Women’s Champion was not happy and took to Twitter and taking a shot at Road Warrior Animal: