Now spinning in the V-League, DJ Ornusa misses playing volleyball

DJs have been spicing up the 13th Shakey’s V-League Open Conference ever since the tournament fired off late last May. 

One of those delivering beats from the sidelines is Ornusa Cadness, a former volleyball player who has found spinning in a sports event something new and exciting to do.

“Of course it’s different from a club setting because people aren’t really dancing. But then, the feedback of the viewers at home is pretty good. So that’s what we base it on, like how well it’s going,” she told FOX Sports.

“This is my first time to be invited to play in Shakey’s V-League. So far it’s fun. It gets really exciting. You think someone’s gonna win but then it’s like dead set again. It’s like starting from the beginning. The crowed is growing and it’s getting fun.”

Being around for a while, Cadness is in awe of how much support the fans have been giving their respective idols during their games.

“They’re all pretty good. I noticed that Pocari has a huge following and also Bali Pure, the Philippine Airforce even. A lot of them. I like a lot of teams. It’s fun when they have their fan base and the fans get excited, it’s fun to watch that,” she said.

The 33-year-old said she misses playing volleyball, something she has not done since injuring her knee.

“Yeah, of course, I miss it. It’s different when you watch live sport like this. The energy that comes from the crowd. It’s kind of fun to see people get excited over friendly competition,” she said. — By Joyce Palad