A tribute from Phenom to Phenom

By Kiefer Ravena

Here we are, waiting on the final game of the Phenom. Everybody is anxious, everybody doesn’t want this day to happen — including her, I would assume. 

But I would just want to start this by saying my appreciation to one of the best, and for me, the GOAT of Philippine volleyball. I don’t know if there’s a comment box below (There is. — Ed.), but you can freely type in what you want to say to her and I’ll make sure she’ll read it.

Alyssa Valdez, thank you for sharing your talents to the world. We all saw you grow and evolve as a Pokemon, ay este, as a player and we are fortunate enough to have witnessed that. It’s not everytime a player of your caliber and influence plays in the UAAP. We will miss seeing you inside the court hitting those cannon-ball spikes, drop balls from the backrow, all your ‘misreceives’ and all the things you do on the taraflex.

After this game, whether you go home as a champion or not, you will always be a champion in my heart and in everybody else’s. You have won the heart of millions of fans all over the world.

For your final flight, enjoy, have fun, and most importantly, give it your best. Always remember that at the end of the game, when you raise your arm and sing the Song for Mary, sing it with pride because you gave it all for Him.