How are excellent sets, digs and receptions scored in the UAAP?

There have been arguments online on how statistics are measured in the ongoing UAAP Season 78 women’s volleyball tournament. 

To end all the misunderstandings, FOX Sports talked to one of the statisticians in the UAAP to get a clearer picture on how they tally an excellent reception and an excellent set. 

According to Leslie Competente of TMX Sports, a player gets an excellent reception if he/she was able to bring the first ball exactly to the setter, without the setter having to move much. 

“Yung receive na diretso sa setter. Mga isa o dalawang steps na hindi rin naman nahirapan si setter na makuha ang bola, binibigyan natin ng excellent receive ‘yun,” she said Wednesday. 

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According to the guidelines of TMX Sports, if a player is able to do so, he/she gets a point, whether or not the setter was able to put it up nicely for the spiker to kill. 

Competente also mentioned that there are exceptions in the reception and digging section.

“May mga pagkakataon lalo na sa dig na sobrang layo. Yung pag di-nig tapos galing sa malayo, tapos na retrieve pa, binibigyan natin din yung ng excellent dig,” she said. 

On the other hand, the player gets an excellent set if he/she was able to confuse at least 1 opposing blocker.

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“Isang blocker or walang blocker. Yung iwan talaga yung blockers ng kalaban,” she said. “(At least) isang blocker tapos hinabol ng isa, good na ‘yun.”

“Yung binibilang natin ay yung malito niya yung blocker, pero binibigyan naman natin sila ng bonus o point kapag mahirap na yung receive or dig pero nagawan niya ng paraan i-set yung bola sa spikers.”

Competente also admitted that her team is being strict in giving points to the setter, given that they are all skilled.

“Kasi may mga setters na tayo na magagaling na ultimo blockers iwan. Dahil trabaho naman ng setter na maibigay ng maayos yung bola sa spiker,” she said. — By Arylle Magtalas


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