Gustafsson worried by Jones case

Jones successfully defended his light-heavyweight belt on January 3 in a unanimous-decision victory over Daniel Cormier, the eighth time he has retained his title.

The following day it was revealed that Jones had tested positive for cocaine in early December. However, he was allowed to continue fighting as the World Anti-Doping Agency consider cocaine to be an out-of-competition street drug without sufficient performance-enhancing effects.

As a result, Jones' positive test appears to have had no repercussions of note. 

"It’s really bad for the sport, bad for the organization,” Gustafsson has been quoted as saying by the Los Angles Times. “He’s a role model and if he doesn’t suffer consequences, people think it’s OK to do 'Coke.' "

Despite this stance, Gustafsson agrees with the decision to allow Jones to defend his title against Cormier.

“Jones did good in that fight, he should get credit for that. That [cocaine] is nothing that could’ve changed the fight,” he added.