Lloyd defends WI selection

Captain Chris Gayle said he felt ???really, really hurt deep inside??? on learning that the pair had not been included in the squad, describing the move as ???sad???.

But chairman of selectors Lloyd, who led the West Indies to World Cup triumph in 1975 and 1979, said??that the time had come to jettison Bravo and Pollard ??? who both average a fraction over 25 with the bat, and 29.51 and 38.11 with the ball, respectively ??? if the team is to enjoy success.

???The point is that we are number eight in the world for the last 10 years with these same guys. Should we continue playing them? We???ve played them in World Cups before and we haven???t gotten anywhere.

???So the point is that we???ve decided, the selectors and myself, that it is not business as usual; that you don???t just continue and have mediocre performances and then you play for the West Indies.

???Our main aim is to change things where West Indies cricket is concerned. We want to get up that ladder as quickly as possible and we???ve made changes.

???It might not suit everyone but I don???t know any selector that picks a side and everyone is happy with it. We will do things as we see fit; these guys have been tried and tested and we haven???t made any strides, really.???

Last October, Bravo was captain of the West Indies side that pulled out of a tour of India because of a pay dispute between the players??? union and the West Indies Cricket Board.

But Lloyd, who criticised the abandonment at the time, insisted that Bravo had not been overlooked for the World Cup because of his role in the walkout.

???No. I would never pick a team with that sort of thing (revenge) in mind,??? he said. ???The selectors thought it was time for change ??? and that now is the time for change.

???We were just thinking is it better before or after the World Cup? We thought that we should inject some new blood now.

???It has happened before. Pollard played in his first World Cup when he was 19. The point is that he???s been around for a while and we keep recycling these players. Their performances have dropped a little bit over the years. Should we continue with the squad that we have?

???If we had continued [with the tour] ??? and we had a lot more games to play ??? we would have assessed the situation.

???The point is that we didn???t get a chance to see what we wanted to do. That tour was abandoned so now we will go ahead with our plans and our plans are to get a new captain, get some new players in there because our cricket is in a mess.

???You only have to look at the averages of our players. We have players playing Test cricket without a first-class hundred. I don???t know many players around the world who are in the position that we are in.???