Crolla happy to face Matthews

Crolla was originally scheduled to face Abril for the title next week but was forced to postpone the fight when he suffered horrific injuries while trying to stop a burglary in December.??

The Mancunian suffered a fractured skull and a broken ankle when he was attacked with a concrete slab as he tried to apprehend thieves who were attempting to rob his neighbour???s house.

Matthews and Crolla have fought twice in the past with Matthews winning the first bout in 2012, while the pair fought to a draw a year later in a scintillating contest that earned fight-of-the-year honours.

Despite his misfortune, Crolla insists he wishes Matthews all the best against Abril and he feels a third fight against the Liverpool man ??? this time for a world title ??? would be the ideal way to return to the ring.

???A few people have asked me ???are you gutted???? but not at all,??? Crolla said.

???I wish Derry all the best. He has got a great chance of doing it. He has got a great team behind him.

???Richar Avril can???t sit around for too long, he has got to earn a living as well. He needs a challenger and he has certainly got a worthy challenger in Derry Matthews.

???People have always wanted to see a third fight between us after the last fight which was a draw. It got fight of the year. It is something there would be a huge demand for.

???Derry said in the press conference if he does come through, he would happily give me first shot at the title which is a very nice thing of him to say.???

Crolla has been very pleased with how his recovery is progressing and he is targeting the end of May as a possible date for his return.

???I am getting better all the time,??? Crolla said. ???I saw a specialist on Monday and he can???t believe how well the ankle is healing.

???I will have to have more scans on my head but everything is looking really good and I am feeling really positive about the future.

???At the minute, the injuries are healing well and I am a few weeks ahead of schedule, but obviously the head is a serious injury.

???To actually get back in the ring, at first it was looking like late summer, but I honestly believe I will be ready for late May.???

The popular fighter has been inundated with encouraging messages of support since sustaining his injuries but a couple in particular gave the lifelong Manchester United fan a huge boost.

???At first I thought it was a prank from one of my friends,??? Crolla said. ???I couldn???t believe it. A day earlier, Wayne Rooney had sent me a signed shirt from the team so I was made up with that.

???Then to get the phone call off Sir Alex (Ferguson) as well ??? I couldn???t believe it. When I realised it was him, it was great to talk to him and to hear from him.???