Wilder guarantees knockout

Stiverne currently holds the belt but the undefeated Wilder is convinced that he is about to end America???s wait for a heavyweight champion.

???This has been a long time coming,??? he told Sports on Thursday night. ???The expectations for this fight are super-high.

???We???ve been working hard for this moment, to perform for the crowd. These are exciting times for the heavyweight division.

???I can???t wait for Saturday, it is going to be explosive and entertaining.???

Wilder has stopped all 32 of his opponents since turning pro and is confident that Saturday???s fight will end in a similar fashion.

???This is definitely going to be a knockout,??? he said. ???I don???t see this fight going all the rounds.

???Both of us have bad blood against each other. That will make a great fight, when two guys genuinely want to rip each other???s heads off.

???There is nothing fake about this, nothing to pretend about, nothing being done to promote the fight.

???This is genuine bad blood between two fighters and I think that will make it an exciting fight. That is why the fans are definitely in for a treat.

???When they come to see heavyweights, they come to see knockouts. In this fight, they are guaranteed to see that.

???Now it???s enough talking. It???s time for action and I???m ready for some action. I???m ready to put my hand on somebody and I am in the right sport to do it.

???I am in the hurt business and I love being in it.???

And Wilder was also asked what it would mean, at the end of the fight, to hear the words ???And the new (heavyweight champion) ???????

???It sounds good when you say it,??? he replied. ???It is going to mean a whole lot, it will mean all my hard work has not been in vain.

???It would mean I have done the right things, I have not taken any short cuts, I don???t know what it is to take a short cut. It is going to be an awesome feeling and I can???t wait to hear those three words.???