Redknapp shrugs off rumours

Rangers welcome United to Loftus Road sitting second from bottom and with newspaper reports earlier in the week suggesting the fixture is make-or-break in terms of Redknapp’s future.

But the 67-year-old said: “It was in one paper but who knows. If you’ve got to beat Manchester United, well they could’ve picked an easier one couldn’t they?

“I don’t take any notice of that. I have a great relationship with the chairman and the shareholders and it’s their decision. If they want to make a change to go in a different direction, I’ve had great support and loved every minute of my time here.

“I want to stay here but if they decide otherwise, they’re entitled to do that. There’s nothing I can do about that and I can’t lose any sleep over it. Whatever they do, they do.

“I spoke to (chairman) Tony Fernandes yesterday and I’ve been speaking to him all week and he hasn’t mentioned anything of that nature to me. Until he does, I’ll just keep doing what I do and trying to win football matches.

“We’ve been playing well at home. If we’d have beaten Swansea here when we were winning 1-0 two minutes into injury time, we’d have been sitting fifth, sixth or seventh from bottom. That’s how close it is.

“That’s how close it is, the division. There’s nothing between the bottom seven teams all stuck down there. One win can take you up five places and a loss can take you down five places as it did with us last week. We’ve just got to keep going.”

Asked whether he had the hunger to continue in the job, Redknapp replied: “Absolutely. I wouldn’t have got up at 5.30am this morning if I didn’t. I’d have turned over and gone back to sleep.”