Stiverne: I’ll destroy Deontay

Wilder has sent shockwaves through the top division after halting all 32 of his opponents, earning him a shot at the Haitian’s WBC belt this Saturday night in Las Vegas.

But Stiverne is unimpressed with the outspoken American, who has promised to dethrone him with another stoppage win. ????

Such talk has only spurred on the champion as he makes the first defence of the title he claimed with an explosive win over Chris Arreola last May.

???It’s going to be a real fight, a fight like you’ve never seen before,” he said. “I’m no cab driver, I’m no one-hit wonder, this is the real deal. This belt here isn’t going anywhere. This green belt is staying right here in this green hotel.??

???Everyone who has supported me, you won’t be disappointed. I’ve seen plenty of guys like Wilder, even guys who talk more than him.??

???This is a real fight and this belt is staying right here in my home town. You’re going to get hurt. The worst thing you did was have me take you seriously, and I’m taking you seriously.??

???This is going to be a terrific fight. After this fight you will never ever hear about Deontay Wilder.???

Wilder is yet to progress past four rounds, prompting concerns about his stamina, and Stiverne is confident he can expose the unbeaten fighter’s weaknesses.

???All I have to say is that after Saturday, all the people that had questions about this man will get the answers – more than the answers,??? he said.

???I don???t care if he went 24 rounds or whatever it is. It doesn???t matter. All I am saying is I can???t wait.?????