Manchester United legend Paul Scholes dropped by team in 11th tier of English football

Manchester United legend Paul Scholes, winner of 11 Premier League titles, 3 FA Cups and 2 Champions Leagues among others, has incredibly been dropped by Royton Town, a team in the 11th tier of English football.

Scholes had announced his retirement in 2013, however, he came out of it recently to represent Royton in the Manchester League Premier Division and has incredibly found himself being axed from the side.

“We’ve been at full strength,” Royton Town’s chairman Gary Leeming was quoted as saying. “So he’s not needed. At the minute, our manager Mark Howard is telling Paul Scholes that he’s not being picked!”

Scholes’ son Arron plays for Royton and the United legend has often been seen on the sidelines watching his son’s performances on the field. Due to a player shortage in September, Scholes, at the age of 43, decided to come out of retirement and help his side out.

(Image credit: BBC)

Scholes though seems to have no hard feelings regarding the decision as evidenced by Leeming’s words when he said, “Paul has booked a table for our sportsman’s dinner on December 29!”

Royton Town have fared pretty well in their division, sitting pretty in third spot just five points behind Hindsford. Whether Scholes returns to action for the side in the future remains to be seen.