Westwood saved man from drowning

According to a report in the Birmingham Mail, Westwood went into the ocean to save British millionaire Colin Davies, who suffers from Parkinson’s Disease.

Davies got into difficulty but his family did not hear his screams for assistance but Westwood, who was sitting with his family nearby on the beach, responded and pulled Davies out of the ocean before he dipped under. 

According to the report, Davies did not know who the man was that helped him, describing him only as a “muscular male (who) grabbed me and, with tremendous but gentle care, got me back to my lounge bed.”

Davies was later told by a bystander that it was in fact Westwood that saved him.

“If there is a power looking over us,” Davies told the Birmingham Mail, “I hope he takes note and delivers three majors to this kind and gentle human being.”

Westwood has posted several pictures of his family vacation in Barbados on social media, but never mentioned the incident.