Cowboys spiralling out of control

The Dallas Cowboys continue to be plagued by off-field drama in a season which is in the midst of spiralling out of control.

Last Sunday's 33-27 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles was Dallas' sixth straight defeat, marking the team's worst run since 1989, and they continue to make headlines on and off the field for all the wrong reasons. 

The Cowboys have been hit with a series of setbacks on the field with starting quarterback Tony Romo breaking his collarbone in Week 2 and All-Pro wide receiver Dez Bryant missing five games after injuring his foot in Week 1.

Off the field, Jerry Jones made a controversial decision in the offseason to sign pass rusher Greg Hardy, who sat out 15 games last season following a domestic violence incident in 2014.

Jones has faced a string of questions on whether he regrets his decision to bring in Hardy, but attempted to deflect the controversy on his radio show this week.

"I don't weigh decisions that I make at a point later on and say, 'Was it worth it?'" Jones said. "I'm looking ahead. We want to have our team in shape here to go down and do a good job against Tampa, and that's really the way I look at it."

Meanwhile, head coach Jason Garrett was reluctant to discuss the team's off-field issues and tried to shift the focus to this weekend's make-or-break game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

"I think the biggest thing we try and do with any player is just address things when they come up and address them in house," Garrett said.

"We deal with things inside these walls and then we move forward. I think a big part of coaching is shaping a mentality and a mind-set and shaping behaviour.

"We do that every day with 53 guys on our roster and ten guys on our practice squad with all the coaches and staff."

But keeping problems in house is not something the Cowboys have been able to do this season.

Bryant stormed out of the locker room on Thursday after a prolonged rant at reporters because he was unhappy with coverage of his personal performance in Dallas' Week 8 loss to the Seattle Seahawks in his return from injury.

Tight end Jason Witten, who was meeting with reporters a few feet away, attempted to intervene before Garrett and Rich Dalrymple, the Cowboys' senior vice president of public relations/communications, entered the locker room in an attempt to calm the situation.

Despite the Cowboys' miserable six-game losing streak, a win on Sunday will keep them in playoff contention. Dallas, who are 2-6, are just three games behind NFC East division leaders, the New York Giants (5-4), who face the New England Patriots this weekend, and the Cowboys are scheduled to get Romo back in Week 11.