Chopra proud of himself

The Swedish golfer has been out in the wilderness after he made only 2 cuts in 16 events and lost his PGA Tour card.

He said: "It feels really wonderful to be back on Tour. It has been really tough out there. It was really demanding off the tee. I just used my experience when I got my first PGA Tour card many years back. I was reminded of how focused I was on the final round and that experience helped. I was in a good position this time round and I just tried to draw from that. I am very proud of how composed I was today.

"I am feeling more relieved now. It has been tough for me for the past few years. I just feel good that I belonged somewhere again. I've learnt and crafted my game in Asia and it's a place I would always call home. All my friends are here and I am sure they are all very proud of me. I can't wait to start playing out here again.

"I am more proud of the way I won. I played really solid to come down the stretch. I’m looking forward to the first few events and hopefully I can draw from my experience this week as well."