Johsua still keen on King Pin

The heavyweight was due to be topping the bill at the O2 Arena, London, live on Sky Sports 1, on Saturday, only to be ruled out through injury.

Joshua (10-0 KO10) suffered a fracture in his back in his last fight in November and had to postpone the toughes test of his professional career agains the man called King Pin -??who??has gone the distance with Tyson Fury and Wladimir Klitschko.

The Olympic gold medallist confirmed he will be fit to fight again in Newcastle on April 4 but is still fully focussed on Johnson??(36-6-1 KO14).

“April the fourth is when I’ll be back for a nice warm-up,” he told Toe 2 Toe.

“The guy I was supposed to be fighting on January 31 [Kevin Johnson], I’ll be fighting on April 25 at the O2 Arena.

“I am not sure who it’s going to be. I don’t want to overlook him but I am really focussed on Johnson because even thought I was supposed to fight him and it’s been postponed. He’s still the main man on my mind.

Joshua will be ringside at the O2 Arena this Saturday where Kevin Mitchell takes on Daniel Estrada in an WBC lightweight elimitnator.

The heavyweight also met Manny Pacquiao at the Fitzroy Lodge gym on Friday but still has to let the fracture heal of its own accord.

But with just over two months to go before making his professional debut in Newcastle, the 25-year-old is well on course.

“We’re back on core work and onto rehabilitation so we are probably ahead of schedule,” he said.

“It’s a bone injury so if it was a muscle injury we could do a lot of deep tissue work and ease the pan but because it’s a bone injury it’s something muscles can’t mend and just has to heal itself.”